Monday, August 10, 2015

Josh's Mission Aug 10 2015

Hello family!!!

It has been a really wonderful week! We've been doing a lot catching up with trying to see investigators and find new people. We've seen a lot of great miracles! It's also been wonderful to see a lot of the zone pick up and work hard! There were 2 miracle baptisms this week end. One in Macomb and one in Ft Madison. Also, we found out today that I'll be getting a new companion and elder Wardle is going home... (which we already knew I guess :) But I will be finishing strong here in Burlington

Well, I don't have too much time now, our computers are about to die... but just to update you real quick on everything that is going on,

we teaching Collin, a recent convert, outside the other day, and this lady named Mia stopped and talked with us, her grandma is a member in Florida. So we stopped by the other night met Gerritt, her cousin. We had a super great lesson with him!! He is literally a walking miracle! He had a bullet go through is head and he survived. he only has a pretty small scar after 3 or 4 surgeries to fix every thing. It was so awesome!! at the end of the lesson he said such a great prayer! He said that he was glad we met him because he could talk about things that he normally doesn't with other people and he feels like there was definitely a reason we stopped by. 

Then we also found this awesome girl, name Mahala, she's 17 and from around the area. She's very interested in Religion and wants to learn more. it was just pretty amazing, because the house that she lives in I thought that no one lived there and that it was just abandoned, but when we went to knock on it, she came out and we had a great lesson with her.

Also, I've been reading in the book "The Power of everyday Missionaries" and I've been learning so much! He talks a lot about doing the work the Lord's way and not relying on our own natural man abilities to accomplish a work that is spiritual. 

I've also been thinking a lot about the miracles that are all around us, but that we either don't always see or we don't expect can actually happen. In that book, he talks about how miracles that have happened in  the past can and still do happen today. It's so true!! We are a part of the restored Church Of Jesus Christ and miracles do happen! 

Yesterday in church we had a speaker that talked about how to help those miracles happen, through the tools that we have been given. The most important being using the Spirit through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. 

anyways, I just have to say, I love this work!! it's so awesome to see the hand of the Lord in the work that we do! I know that He love us and that Jesus Christ really is our Savior! that's the best motivation ever, knowing that He lives! and Because He lives, we have a hope for a brighter future as we continue faithful. I love you all!! thank you so much for everything that you are doing!! I know that Heavenly Father is with us! 

i hope and pray that all is well! I love you!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

ps, I went to Denmark! :)

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