Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Josh's Mission Feb 23 2015

Hello Family! 

It's so good to hear about the great things that are happening with everyone. First I just want to say and I know that I say this a lot, but I just feel very strongly about it. I am so grateful for the gospel and especially for the wonderful family that Heavenly Father has blessed us with. I really do know that it is only because of the gospel that we can be happy for eternity. This week I was reminded a couple of times the importance of keeping an eteranl persective and always fighting for what is right no matter what. It also really hit me this week all of the blessings, big and usually small, that the Lord has given me. it's so humbling to know that our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us. It's such a wonderful time to be alive! The gospel is true and we have the privledge to share that with others. and I am just grateful for the awesome time that Heavenly father has given me to be out on a mission, and for the time that He has blessed us to be on this earth. it's a miracle that I needed to be reminded of. 

So on that note, as I was kind of thinking about what I could write today, nothing was really coming to mind. I couldn't really think of anything that happened that was huge or spectacular. as I was thinking about it more, I was reminded that it's the small and simple things that often make the big differences and that it's by tender mercies that the Lord blesses us the most. 

along those lines, on Thursday we had a could of meetings with the districts in our Zone, (side note: in our Zone there are 4 missionaries going home) at one of the meetings we talked a lot about the Atonement and about how we can apply it more directly in our personal lives and help others to apply it to themselves as well. It's so powerful to know that we all have a Savior who did everything for us. It's wonderful to know that restored truth.

 It was very powerful to here all 4 missionaries talk about the changes that they have made in their lives to live in accordance with the gospel and to see the effect that the Atonement has had in their lives. It's such a sweet miracle when we bring one soul unto repentance, becasue then we see the Joy that comes from repenting; we have to first bring ourselves to Christ and then only through His grace are we able to be saved. And then we are able to bring other souls unto Christ. :) it just brings so much Joy and happiness 

Also, on Saturday we had a baptism for a little branch here, the Belle Plaine Branch. it was really sweet for them, there hasn't been a baptism there for almost a year, so it was really great! there were quite a few investigators there, from missionaries around the Zone. and then Yesterday we found out that there was a confirmation of a girl who got baptized a few weeks ago. it's really great to see all of the miracles that are happening through out the zone, we are so happy! 

Yeah, so Elder Porter is going home this Thursday. Like I said early, there are also 3 other missionaries going home in the zone. This next transfer there will be a lot of changes, but we're excited for them. there will be a sister who is going to start traning, another companionship that is finishing up traning. we're getting a couple other new people in the zone and losing a couple; they will be moved around the mission. So, losts of changes, but changes are great :) 

I'm so grateful again, for everything that you do! I love you so much and I really appreciate your prayers, love and support. I hope and pray that all is well!

ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Josh's Mission Feb 18 2015 - finally!!

Hello family! it's been another great week, full of miracle and blessings. we've had a super busy week, last week and a busy one already this week. Just a quick overview, during the week, we went back and forth between both of our areas, trying our best to work effectively. On Saturday we had a baptism in the Zone, Sunday we found out that our world was going to change a little bit (more about that in a second) and then yesterday Elder Porter went to the temple the last time before he goes home.

It has been super great to have another companion for most of this transfer, it's been crazy at times, but lots of fun. Elder Roberts is a super great missionary and I really enjoyed serving with him. On Sunday, on our way to church we got a call from President Jensen; he said "Elders I'm going to change your world a little bit" he then told us that Elder Roberts was going to be getting 2 new companions, both spanish elders. so this transfer there will be 28 misisonaries going home, so President has had to close some areas and it just worked out that one of them was a spanish area. So we are no longer with elder roberts, but that's okay. We'll be able to focus a lot more on what we need to do for our area and build it back up.

We were super blessed on Saturday to have a baptism in the Zone. Kevin is his name, he's about 20, and he has a really good friend, who is an RM, who introduced him to the church. It was really special. and then we also had a great lesson with Erick, a guy from Congo who speaks French. We had a member come with us who served in Montreal Canada about 10 years ago, and it went super well. Erick should be baptized in March some time. We also had another huge miracle in the Zone. We found out that there will be another baptism this week end, from an area with a little tiny branch. Carla is her name; the elders have been meeting with her for a long time, and she is finally ready to make the next step, we're super excited for her! there is an awesome senior couple that has been helping her a lot. 

it's been kind of cold here, the wind is super bad, but it makes doing work that much more exciting and a challange :) so that's great! I know that the Lord loves us all and that He wants all of us to return to him one day. He know what we need and He knows how to help us. 

yeah, I totally know how you feel about just feeling like a broken record. Sometimes it feels like we just do the same thing over and over again, I know that there miracles and blessings all around us and that sometimes it takes a lot more effort to find them. And I loved your persective on just storing up the good times, so that we will be strong when it does get hard. it's so true 

That's great that Beth has been learning so much from class. She's way better than I was. which is great! she'll be super prepared to go out and serve. You are awesome Beth! Keep it up and thank you for your great example :)

I love family history! it's so fun to talk with people about it, I forget if I told you but last week we met a member in the 4th ward that we are related to. I think she comes from Cecil Broadbent, if I remember. Is that a brother of David, who if I remember right, is Grandpa's father right? but so that was really cool to talk with her about family and everything. I love talking about that with people, it's so true that the spirit can touch a person's heart through family, past and present. 

that's super exciting that Matt is getting married!! tell him that i'm really happy for him and congrats! that's really awesome :) 

yeah we got a little more snow, mainly it was just crazy cold. the wind is super bad, it's not nearly as bad as last year though. 

Thank you again, family for everything that you do! I appreciate so much your wonderful examples and for your love! I'm so grateful for this wonderful gospel that we are blessing to have adn to be able to share with others. I hope that all is well, I love you!
ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

PS Here's a pic it is E Roberts, myself, and E Porter

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Josh's Mission Feb 2 2015

Dear Family, 

that's so good to hear that you got all the pictures. yeah, we've had a lot of people lately offer to send pictures of us to our families. We're super grateful. 

(these are the pictures that were sent - from 2 different people on the 3 different days during the week - it was great to get them!
A group of missionaries sending off one of the sisters.

Elder B, Elder Roberts and Elder Porter

Elder B and Elder Porter  - loving comps

The threesome is going pretty well, it's a lot more coordination and trying to keep track of everything that we need to do, but it's all working out. Yeah, they really do look just like brothers! We all have a good time together, just working hard and having fun. it's been a huge blessing to have elder Elder Roberts with us. It snowed so much! probably close to to 8 inches, and it's getting really cold. Yesterday we didn't have church because of the snow and we weren't allowed to drive, and then today we aren't able to walk outside, but we can drive so that's good. 

that sounds really great that there is a GA coming for stake conference, I can imagine that it's really stressful though. that's really good that things are going alright for uncle dave and and aunt ruth, I didn't know that they are welling there house, that's a pretty big change, but good I'm sure. and that's awesome that Jonathan is getting a new job!

Like I said it's been a good week, we've been trying to coordinate better and use our time better. I forget how much I told you, but because we have to go back and forth between two areas, there is a lot that can be forgotten, especially with me because I seem to forget everything, but it's been working out really well. It's been really great to see how much the Lord is blessing us as we just try to work hard and work smart. this week we also had a meeting with our whole zone, which was really great!

We talked a lot about the need to simplify our lives, and organize our selves. which reminds me of a scripture in D&C 88:74 commandment that you assemble yourselves together,anorganize yourselves, and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea, purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that may make you clean;

we also talked about the need to just return back to the basics. It's with the basic principles of the gospel that we really grow and strength our testimony. There is a really great Mormon Message called Easily Guided which talks about this.

Something that I also learned and gained a greater appreciation for is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. I love Chapter 4 of PMG, which is all about listening and recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I know that it's so important that we understand how the Holy Ghost works for us. I know that heavenly father loves us and that he wants us to be happy.

Thank you so much for everything that you do! I love you so much and I am so grateful for your love, support, and especially your prayers. thank you! I love you!
ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

This last picture sent from Elder B - what snow!!

Josh's Mission Feb 9 2015

my dear family! 

I'm really happy to hear that things are going well and that everything has been warm, this past week hasn't been nearly as bad as the previous week, so that's really good. it has still be way crazy working in 2 areas, but it's also been such a huge blessing. I've really learned a lot and I hope to continue to learn. It's been a huge growing time and we're just trying to use the time that we have wisely and productively. 

that's so good to hear that everything went well for Stake Conference. it as I was reading I was thinking about the mission tour that we had with elder Cardon. it's so true that they are all so different, so inspired though, and so loving. it's so great to see how they really do sustain, respect, and love our leaders. they are called of God and such wonderful examples. Something that President Jensen always, says is that we should always be looking to our file leaders for direction and guidance. I know that Heavenly father has really blessed us with wonderful prophets and apostles.

I was listening to a talk that Elder Holland gave to the CES leaders and teachers. It is a very powerful talk. He talks a lot about the things that the Lord needs each of us to do to help each other stay on the path. Something that I really like that he said is about the restoration. He said that it is such a wonderful blessing to live in this time, in these last days. while it is true that there is so much evil, it is also true that there is more Good. It's a wonderful thought that the Gospel will never be taken again away from the earth. all prophets leading up to our day prophesied of the things that will happen in our day. Everything that has every happened has lead up to our day. It such a blessing to live in these last days when we know that everything will be okay, we know that we will win at last. 

Yesterday at church we had Erick, an investigator, come. He's from Congo, speaks French, and will be baptized on the 28th of Feb. it was really great! Sometimes it's kind of hard to communicate with him, becasue we can't understand everything he says and he can't understand everything he says, but the spirit is truly working through us to him. IN the Zone we also had quite a few people come to church. It was great, during sacrament, there was an investigator form one of the companionship's just walk in, unexpectedly really. Also, there isa  family from Nepal that is going to be baptized in a couple of weeks. they are so wonderful! 

I'm sure that you already know this, but have you heard that Meet the Mormons is for sale online? 

also yesterday in church it just really hit me how much I love the gospel and how much peace it brings to us. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. We are his children and He know what is best for us and as we follow him we will be happy. I have been reading in Mormon lately and it's just really hit me how important it is to use our agency righteously. 

I love you all!! thank you so much for everything!! I hope and pray that all is well. Thank you so much for your love, support, and prayers.  

ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

Another great photo sent by one of the members.