Monday, February 25, 2013

Mary's Mission Feb 25 2013 - Armenian Dreams

Barev marev Family jan!

We had a pretty fantastic week-I don't know what else to say.  President and Sister Carter were here at the beginning of the week and it was so good to be with them-I love them so much!  They are both so kind to me! I don't know how I was so blessed to be sent here, but I am so grateful! (speaking of the mission president-we heard the new one has been called to come here-Pres. and Sis. Carlson from Price-way good)  I feel like the Lord blessed us with lots of neat experiences this week.  We are teaching a woman that has committed to be baptized, but then the last couple of weeks she refused to let us come over and kept saying that she doesn't want it anymore (Satan sure knows how to get to people).  We both felt we just needed to go again, and talk with her about the path that Christ has shown for us to follow.  Near the end of our meeting, she began to tell about a dream she had about seeing paradise.  (Armenians have more dreams that have significance of some kind than anyone I know and they always love to tell us about them.)  After she had finished telling about that dream, I was praying to know how to direct it back to the lesson or to apply that to the lesson when she began into another dream (I just have to say-I'm not sure exactly what it is, but when people tell stories and talk about dreams, it is much harder to understand and takes a ton more effort).  As she started into the second dream, I just kept thinking "how long do we let her keep going?" I kept feeling to just be a little patient.  And then she proceeded to say that in her dream she was sick and had gone to a hospital of sorts, but a hospital that she wasn't familiar with.  The doorway was narrow and there was only one very narrow hallway, lined with doors, that led to a room where a person was sitting.  She walked down the hallway, told the person that she needed to come in and the person asked for her name and then proceeded to search for her name in the book.  After searching the person said that she name wasn't there so she couldn't go in.  She asked them to look again, repeated her name and waited.  Again, the person said she couldn't find her name and told her she needed to leave and come back another time when her name was written in the book.  Goodness! The Lord is so good to us! Just writing about this is giving me the chills! As our investigator finished telling this, I felt so strongly that she needed to know that without baptism by the proper authority, into Christ's church, that her name would never be written in that book; that it will never be written in the records of heaven.  I'm not sure how to describe the moment that the two of us shared, as I testified again about the importance of the gospel and baptism.  Truly incredible! I feel so humbled to be here, to be serving for our Father, and to be bearing the name of Jesus Christ.  Wow! Being a missionary is truly the best!  I don't think I could have ever dreamed just how wonderful it is! Despite that perhaps things don't always work out how we have planned, I know that the Lord knows what He is doing and that if we trust Him and follow Him then all will be right.  He is always with us and loves us SO much!  I just can't describe all of the many times I have felt His love, not only for me, but for these people I am serving with! 

I love you family! Thank you for all you do! 

Metz sirov

Quyr Broadbent

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mary's Mission Feb 18, 2013

Barev im untaniq jan!

It was good to hear that things are going well-and nice to know that the surgery went well.  I was praying it would.  To be honest I don't know what to say today.  I'm hoping a little inspiration will come as I write.  It has been so delightful to welcome the Haglunds and to feel their joy and enthusiasm for the Work.  They are wonderful examples and I am so excited to work with them and get to know them more.  They have already been a wonderful addition to our meetings and they have such an uplifting spirit with them.  It's been kind of fun, too, to see Sister Nelsen step up and try to help them feel comfortable, especially since she, as well as Elder Wood, understand and remember so much better than the rest of us do what it's like to be new, surrounded by new unfamiliar things.Our week went well-we were busy with helping our new senior couple adjust.  The Haglunds-they're from New York, have 6 kids, 5 grandkids, and have a lot of enthusiasm for the work.  They are so determined to learn the language and it's fun to see them put forth their best foot.  We've been able to take them to many of our meetings and they bring such a wonderful spirit with them.  It's been hard to not compare them to the Griffiths-I constantly have to remind myself that they are different people and have different strengths.  They've brought a lot of energy with them and are so excited to be a part of the work.  Truly, nothing is better than being a missionary.

We met a new family this week-the mom is convinced that she knows Sis. Nelsen from Russia; she just loves her.  And while we know that they don't know each other from Russia, we feel that they definitely new each other in heaven-I imagine they were likely very good friends :)  We haven't had many meetings with them, but each time we go it is just heartbreaking to hear the grandmother talk about her dead son and how his death has taken away her faith in God.  The spirit was so strong as we shared a little about the Plan of Salvation, and while she kept saying she couldn't believe it, we could tell the entire family was feeling something.  We're not exactly sure where to go from here, but the Gospel is what they need; as each of us know, there is no peace comparable to the peace that comes from knowing the truths of the Gospel, and no hope comparable to the hope that we find in our Savior.

We've decided, in an effort to be more optimistic, that everytime we have a negative or bad thought about a situation, a person, or something, that we are going to combat it by finding at least 4 positive things.  Will you all do that too?  We constantly read about how the lamanite and nephites always forget the Lord and the goodness He has given them.  I find that I am the same-that while we may have had a wonderful day, by the next day I already forget all the miracles that the Lord performed.  I feel this will help us remember the Lord's hand and mercy in our lives.

I love you family! I am constantly praying for you! And I know that the Lord is truly watching over you! I hope your week goes fantasticly!  Thank you for your prayers, faith, and support! You are truly the best!

Metz sirov,

Quyr Broadbent

"It is so important for us to be on the Lord's side.  But we should never forget that the Lord is also on our side." -Bruce C. Hafen-

I forgot to say, we watched the Restoration film in english the other day and I just have to say, I don't think it is as good as the Armenian.  Maybe I'm partial to the Armenian, but I feel like you are all missing out because only watch the english version.  It just made me laugh that I felt that way, that the Armenian translation is just so good and sounds so much better :)

I love you all!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mary's Mission Feb 11, 2013

Barev family jan! 

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Our new senior couple will be here on Wednesday, so it should be the best birthday ever, as we get to help them get comfortable! So fun! Pres. and Sis. Carter will be in Turkey for a mission presidents seminar, so Sister Carter called and gave some things she would like us to do to help them get comfortable and trained-a couple of hours later she called back with some clarification stuff and then said she realized it would be my birthday so she asked if it'd be ok that we do all of that on my birthday. Of course! I don't think there could be a better thing to do than to serve!  We're all pretty excited to have them come; it should be great! 

We had a pretty good week-Sister Nelsen got a bit sick, despite my objections, she insisted that we keep going-she is such a trooper for sure! Just wonderful! She also spoke in sacrament meeting and did a wonderful job! Just fantastic! I couldn't be prouder! As I sat and listened I just couldn't take the smile off of my face-I felt like a proud parent watching their child walk for the first time-just so good! I think my favorite thing is that as she makes progress I just find so much joy in it! And then when it's hard for her and she struggles, it's hard for me; it's painful seeing her struggle and despite that I often don't know what to do to help, I also know that it's through the struggle that we learn so much more.  No wonder this life of trials and experiences is so necessary for us to become like our Heavenly Father!  Plus those experiences often help us to appreciate everything else so much more!

el inch asem? It seems every time I sit down to write, I just don't know what to say! I was studying from JSH this last week and was thinking about as Joseph begins to pray, he faces oppostion, and right when he is about to give in to the darkness and despair, the light breaks.  I feel this is a reoccuring thing in our lives. Always a test of faith.  And our faith is like that-we hold on, despite the darkness and despair until the very end, until we feel like we can no longer keep going (often even beyond that point) and then right at that point our Father saves us with His light and power.  Truly, the Lord is so aware of us and of the things that we need.  He answers our sincere and faith filled prayers!  We had a few experiences this week as we would pray about our investigators and the Lord helped us know what to do.  It is also always wonderful to say my personal prayers, to truly commune with the Lord and to give Him time to speak to me about the things that I need to do.  If we listen, He will always speak to us.  Perhaps in different ways, but always, especially as we seek to be worthy of the Spirit.  I know God is our Heavenly Father-He is the literal father of our spirits, He knows us, our circumstances, our names, our needs, our wants, and our hearts.  He wants us to come to know Him, to become like Him and He is constantly extending His arm to us, if we will but reach up and take hold.  What will it take for us to accept the invitation He extends?   

I love you family! You are the best!  I hope you have a fantastic week, a fun filled Valentine's day and that all goes well! I am constantly praying for you! I love you!

Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mary's mission Jan 4

իմ սիրելի ընտանիկ (my favorite family)

Վայ, ինչ քան եմ սիրում ձեզ, երևի չգիտեք: Ես ձեզ շատ եմ սիրում, շատ:(Oops, I kind of like you, I do not know I love you very much. - obviously THAT translation came through rather oddly, I'm not sure what she meant to write but this is what the translator says it says! funny!)

Wow family! More snow came your way? That is so crazy! We had a little bit more snow this last week, but once again, it has warmed up quite nicely-I feel like I don't need to be wearing my coat today.  I think because of how the winter going that the summer here will likely be a huge problem-for similar drought reasons as in Utah.  I guess we'll see how everything works out.  How's everything with Beth?  I hope it all goes well!   

We had the most wonderful Zone conference this last week.  We had the privilege of having President Lawrence come and speak to us; he's in the area presidency, he and his wife came and spoke back in February, and he chose to come back for one day to congratulate us on how well we've done and then to teach us some more.  It was truly amazing and inspiring! Not to mention how I always love listening to our dear President and Sister Carter.  How I love them! And love our missionaries! I know everyone always says this about their mission, but our mission is really the best! I am constantly learning from all of our missionaries and I would be more than happy to serve with any of them-they are all just that great! How I've been so blessed to be with all of them, I'm not sure I'll ever know.  President Lawrence talked about keys to a successful mission and also principles of faith.  I'll just share a little bit of what I he said.  In order to have a successful mission we have to: learn the doctrine of the church, of Jesus Christ, since the study of doctrine changes behavior faster than the study of behavior changes behavior; focus on personal sanctification, our purpose and our goals, seek first the Lord's glory; make the spirit apart of everything we do, learn how the spirit works with us; excercise faith in the Lord; and be unfied in all we do. (He talked a little bit about the sons of Helaman and how they were united in purpose and because of that none died, but they were also all wounded.  Truly, unification in all things).  6 principles of faith and goal setting:  pick a righteous desire (one that we can not accomplish ourselves, that has a gap), be believing-believe it can be reached with the Lord's help, plead with the Lord in unceasing prayer, commit fully to the accomplishment of the goal ("if something is impossible but you want it bad enough, it can happen"), expect trials and obstacles but just keep working, and finally we have to expect the Lord to help.  It was pretty fantastic! Towards the end of the meeting, it was neat to feel the promptings of the Spirit, as President Carter announced there were going to be a few testimonies from missionaries.  I felt he would call on me, but as often happens, I pushed the feeling away.  The feeling was pretty persistant, so I accepted it, said a silent pray and told the Lord I was willing to do what He wanted and say what He wanted.  As Pres. stood back up, sure enough, he asked me to bear my testimony.  I'm not sure why the Lord saw fit to let me know a little in advance, maybe so I can learn a little better how the spirit works through me, but I am grateful He showed me.  It's always a privilege and a blessing to share what I know to be true.

With all of those neat things we were taught, we had a pretty great miracle!  On Friday, after we had planned and set some goals, we felt, because we planned to get into a few new homes, that with the help of the Lord we could find 6 new investigators.  As we began our day in prayer and plead with the Lord for His help, we had high hopes of reaching our goal.  After a few hours of being out and having several of our hoped for meetings fall through, we once again turned to the Lord.  I'm not sure what Sister Nelsen was praying for, but I was just pleading with Him for help and guidance-I truly knew we could not do it without His help and at this point I had no idea of how we would have 6 new investigators by the end of the day, but we continued on with our faith in the Lord.  A couple of hours later, we were able to meet with a new family and found 5 of our 6 new investigators.  Truly a miracle, there is no other way to describe it.  As we talked with Elder Hall at the end of the day and described how the day had gone, he pointed out to us that each of the 6 principles of faith that Pres. Lawrence had just taught were apart of our day.  Wow.  Pretty neat to see the hand of the Lord.

Family, I love you! A lot! I know without a doubt that this is the Lord's work-I know it's true! I know the Lord is aware of us, of our needs, our wants, our lives.  He knows us and He wants us to be happy!  I know Jesus Christ is our Savior.  We have chose to take His name upon us and it is such a sacred responsibility! I pray we are living worthy of His name!  

I love you all!  I hope you have a great week!

Metz sirov, 

Quyr Broadbent