Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Josh's Mission Sept 21 2015

Hello Family! (everyone is included in family, we're all brothers and sisters here )

Well, I'll just start out by saying, thank you so much for everything that you have done! It's been such an amazing experience to get to know so many of my wonderful brothers and sisters out here in Iowa :) it's amazing how the Lord puts us in the right places at the right times.  

so I really don't have any great and last words, mainly because I am not that great and I don't have many words. But I will just leave you all with a relatively brief bit and testimony.

I have loved serving the Lord these last two years, I feel that I have been blessed beyond what I could have hoped for and especially what I deserve. I feel like King Benjamin describes in 
Mosiah 2:24-25 "he doth require that ye should do as he hath commanded you; for which if ye do, he doth immediately bless you; and therefore he hath paid you. And ye are still indebted unto him, and are, and will be, forever and ever; therefore, of what have ye to boast?

 25 And now I ask, can ye say aught of yourselves? I answer you, Nay. Ye cannot say that ye are even as much as the dust of the earth; yet ye were created of the dust of the earth; but behold, it belongeth to him who created you."

this is true! The Lord has given us everything and we are and will always be indebted to Him. He loves us to much!! He wants us to be happy and joyful. He has given us a plan to follow Him which provides the way to happiness and eternal life, that way and plan is through Jesus Christ our Savior. I know that when we come unto Him and take the Spirit into our hearts that all things will work out for our good.

I also feel as Ammon said in Alma 26:16
"we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his mercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."

because of His great mercy we are all empowered to do and be the very best that we can. I know that Christ is our Savior and that He lives!! " and while he lives I'll sing!! He lives to wipe away my tears, he lives to calm my troubled heart, he lives all blessings to impart.

I know that this is true!! and I thank Him for allowing me to come to this understanding and for the blessing is has been to serve Him. 
thank you all for your love!! thank you for everything that you do!! I hope and pray that all is well with you!!
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

ps I would love to keep in touch, if you want, look me up on Facebook or you can email me at joshuabroadbent727@gmail.com

pss I will be giving my homecoming talk in Ogden Ut at the Rock Cliff Stake center (any questions on directions just ask) at 9am on the27th of September... that's this next sunday. I'd love to see anyone and all there!! oh and there will be a lunch after church is over, if nothing else...come for the food (don't tell anyone, but that's what I'm doing...)  I love you!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Josh's Mission Sept 8 2015

Hello family!!

your welcome for the pictures!! you got the ones from a lady named crystal didn't you?? When she asked to take some pictures and send them to you, I realized that it was your b day and that would be perfect so I'm glad that it worked out :)

You're are welcome for the video, I'm glad that it helps others. I wonder sometimes if the videos we share with people (not just through email) are actually effective, I know they work for me, so I hope they work for others! :)
that's a really good question, how do I focus. really the main thing that helps me is to be thinking about the sacrament and the Atonement as soon as I wake up in the morning on Sunday. I try to think about things that I need to improve upon and repent of, and then during the sacrament to ask my self, how does this apply to the Atonement? Elder Callister in his book "the Infinite Atonement" talks about trying to find applications with each of the ordinances we perform. 

I'm glad that it all worked out to get those things from the Beyer's! they are wonderful!  one of the packages is for Elder Todd, but you don't need to worry about getting it to anyone. When I get home I'm going to give it to his mom, who lives down in American Fork. so for now, don't worry about it, thank you though!!

it's been a very busy and hectic week! We were out of our area for like 4 days, with various exchanges and we also had interviews with President Jensen this week. But it has been a good week! We've been doing a lot of finding and trying to sift the wheat from the tares. We're striving to talk with as many people as we can and to see the work that the Lord has for us here. 

 It is such an amazing opportunity to serve the Lord with all our heart, mind, and strength. Our Heavenly father has provided the way to return to Him, through our Savior Jesus Christ, through living His gospel. This last week we were able to go to the temple and receiver permission to do initiatories (which I haven't done in a long time). it was really amazing to feel of the wonderful spirit of helping my brothers make covenants with Father in Heaven. We then went and did an session (which we saw the Old video, the one that I saw the first time I went through the temple) and it was really an amazing experience to see a lot of connections that I hadn't previously made, which came from doing both parts of the endowment. It was amazing!
and lastly I want to leave a thought from President Nelson. He gave a talk at the new mission president seminar at the MTC and I really love what he talked about
“We, as agents of the Lord, are privileged to preach His gospel,” Elder Nelson said. “The Apostle Paul taught an amazing concept. He declared that each agent, each disciple, yes, each missionary, can become a living ‘epistle of Christ, ... written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God ... [embedded] in the fleshy tables of the heart’ (2 Corinthians 3:3). With that unique designation, we can help to achieve Their three great overarching objectives for us.”

First, he said, missionaries are helping to gather scattered Israel; second, missionaries are helping the families of gathered Israel to be sealed in a holy temple; and third, missionaries are helping prepare the world for the Second Coming of the Lord.

“Their objectives become our objectives,” Elder Nelson said. “Keep them foremost in our minds. Their objectives undergird everything that we do. The Lord expects us to maintain His quickened pace. … We need to proceed in faith and do our best, knowing that He will help us.”
I love how he talks about the Hastening of the work of Salvation and the Lord's quickened pace in this work! it's true, the work is going forward faster than ever, sometimes we focus too much on the short view of things and the everyday matters, which is very important though. but sometimes we need to take a step back, look at the whole picture, examine our past works, see what we are doing now, and look ahead to what we need to do. Elder Renlend in general conference said

 "God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were.4 He cares that we keep on trying."

I know this is true! I love being a part of this great work!! I love you and thank you for your love!! I hope and pray that all is well and that you know that everything happens for a reason!! thank you for everything!!
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Josh's Mission Aug 17, 2015

Hello family! 

It has been a wonderful week! It was pretty sad seeing Elder Wardle go but it was alright. He said bye to a lot of people and on Thursday we went to Transfer meeting where I got my New companion, Elder Jacob Todd! He's really great! He grew up in Indiana but his family now lives in Spanish Fork, UT. He's been out for 14 months and is just a really great missionary! I'll be honest, I was a little worried about getting a new companion right at the end, probably more than I have been since I got finished being trained, but it all worked out great, Elder Todd is awesome! We like a lot of similar things and we've been working hard already.

Things have been going well, we've been trying to find new people to teach and just talk with everyone. We haven't been able to help anyone really progress very much, but we know that the Lord will bless us as we are faithful. It's been really great to go out and talk with a lot of people. It's really amazing to see just how many of our brothers and sisters who don't have the gospel! There are tons of people who need the gospel yet who know not where to find it.

We've also been trying to think of ways that we can help the ward become more active in the Lord's work. Our Bishop has talked a lot about the need to be better fellow shippers and to help those who don't have the gospel come and see what they need and to also help those who have lost their way to find it again. He talked about the need to understand better what fellowshipping in the church really means, which he explained it is that we take an interest in the lives of God's children who are around us. 

We also talked in church a lot about service and need to give our all to the Lord's work. The covenants that we've all made help us to understand what the Lord requires of us and what we need to do better to apply the Atonement to our selves and to others. the Service that we give to others is done in many forms, but like it says in Mosiah, when you are the service of your fellow being you are only in the service of your God. and service makes you feel great! it heals the soul and helps you to feel a love from God that you wouldn't other wise. That reminds me of the Mormon message "Lift"

Well, as always, thank you so much for all that you do! I love you all and I really appreciate your love! this gospel is wonderful and true! I know that God's love is real and helping others to feel that is the best opportunity that we have ever!
I love you all!
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

Josh's Mission Aug 24 2015

Dear family! it's been a really great week!! 

early in the week we had a leadership meeting up in Iowa City, where we were trained on a few things that we are trying to improve upon in the mission. it was a wonderful meeting! We talked a lot about respect, especially for Heavenly Father, for the Priesthood, and for others around us, specifically other members.We also talked about the importance of the Spirit in the work of Salvation that we are a part of and listening effectively to what the Lord has to say to us

I've been thinking a lot about the temple lately and yesterday there was a talk given about the importance of families and temple Marriages. it was really awesome especially because we had a lot of people at church. so this is an awesome blessing, this transfer I get to go to the temple 4 times, which is how many I would have gone my whole mission if I hadn't been in Burlington.  f it's such a great blessing to be able to go to the temple :) I love it so much! In Bishop Causse's talk in conference, he said

 "There are so many wonders in this world. However,sometimes when we have them constantly before our eyes, we take them for granted. We look, but we don’t really see; we hear, but we don’t really listen"

That's really true, I didn't appreciate the fact that there are temples everywhere in Utah, and even one my mission having the Nauvoo Temple right here, it's just amazing! I can't imagine what it's like in places where there aren't any.  sometimes though (especially some of the members here since we are so close to such a sacred place) we just don't realize the things that are before us, we don't always see the hand of the Lord in what we are doing. Like this week, we have been struggling really hard to find some new people, we even fasted for it on Sunday. It was pretty amazing though, when we sat down for the meeting to start, Eric Watson was there, and the Watson's brought a friend of their son's, Sterling who we will be teaching and we're going to talk with his family. And also an investigator named Byron came with his fiance, who is a recent convert, Nina. We were able to set a date for baptism with Byron for the week after he is getting married in November. It was just amazing to see the hand of the Lord in the work that we are doing and it's really amazing that once we humbled ourselves and asked for more guidance and were willing to do the work the Lord's way that we were blessing to help those who were put in our path.

It's very interesting too that the success that we see, which is really all around us, is very dependent of our own personal faith. When we have the faith that Christ is our Savior and the the Atonement is real, we can better understand that the Lord is preparing our brothers and sister, who can change everyday, to receive the blessings that He has for them. Something that I was thinking about that's related to that is an example of the stars that we see at night. Stars are always shining but we can't always see their light.

it's so interesting to think about the stars, and the fact that the light that we are seeing from them isn't even real (it is, but not... I'll explain :)...) The light that we see is simply a reflection or an image of what the actual star looks like, we can't see what they really look like because they are too far away, their light is so great though that we are able to see it illuminate the sky. it's very much like how the world perceives truth and what actual truth is. Real truth illuminates everything around it, makes everything brighter, and we are able to understand more. But there are some truths that require faith in what is not seen, most gospel truths are like this. We know that God is there and we can even sometimes see the result of His light and glory and maybe even feel the effect of them as well, but I haven't seen His actual being, there aren't many who have, but we know that he is there. this can also relate to ourselves, we can't always see what the Lord has in store for us or for those around us, but we can still trust that we can obtain a greater light.

 We are so blessed to be a part of this great work! Where we can see change everyday! I am very grateful for everything that you do!! I love you!! I hope and pray that all is well. 
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

Monday, August 10, 2015

Josh's Mission Aug 10 2015

Hello family!!!

It has been a really wonderful week! We've been doing a lot catching up with trying to see investigators and find new people. We've seen a lot of great miracles! It's also been wonderful to see a lot of the zone pick up and work hard! There were 2 miracle baptisms this week end. One in Macomb and one in Ft Madison. Also, we found out today that I'll be getting a new companion and elder Wardle is going home... (which we already knew I guess :) But I will be finishing strong here in Burlington

Well, I don't have too much time now, our computers are about to die... but just to update you real quick on everything that is going on,

we teaching Collin, a recent convert, outside the other day, and this lady named Mia stopped and talked with us, her grandma is a member in Florida. So we stopped by the other night met Gerritt, her cousin. We had a super great lesson with him!! He is literally a walking miracle! He had a bullet go through is head and he survived. he only has a pretty small scar after 3 or 4 surgeries to fix every thing. It was so awesome!! at the end of the lesson he said such a great prayer! He said that he was glad we met him because he could talk about things that he normally doesn't with other people and he feels like there was definitely a reason we stopped by. 

Then we also found this awesome girl, name Mahala, she's 17 and from around the area. She's very interested in Religion and wants to learn more. it was just pretty amazing, because the house that she lives in I thought that no one lived there and that it was just abandoned, but when we went to knock on it, she came out and we had a great lesson with her.

Also, I've been reading in the book "The Power of everyday Missionaries" and I've been learning so much! He talks a lot about doing the work the Lord's way and not relying on our own natural man abilities to accomplish a work that is spiritual. 

I've also been thinking a lot about the miracles that are all around us, but that we either don't always see or we don't expect can actually happen. In that book, he talks about how miracles that have happened in  the past can and still do happen today. It's so true!! We are a part of the restored Church Of Jesus Christ and miracles do happen! 

Yesterday in church we had a speaker that talked about how to help those miracles happen, through the tools that we have been given. The most important being using the Spirit through prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. 

anyways, I just have to say, I love this work!! it's so awesome to see the hand of the Lord in the work that we do! I know that He love us and that Jesus Christ really is our Savior! that's the best motivation ever, knowing that He lives! and Because He lives, we have a hope for a brighter future as we continue faithful. I love you all!! thank you so much for everything that you are doing!! I know that Heavenly Father is with us! 

i hope and pray that all is well! I love you!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

ps, I went to Denmark! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Josh's Mission Aug 3 2015

Hello Family!!

it's been a really wonderful week!! We had a great time with the pageant this week, it's over now but we had a really good time! This week both Elder Wardle and I have been reflecting a lot on our missions and the work that we still need to do. We've also been trying to find more people to teach.

it's been really amazing to be here during the Pageant!! there definitely was a reason for it! I've learned so much about the history of this place and the Spirit is just unlike any other place! Miracle happened ever night! We saw the British pageant 2 times this week, and it is just so powerful!! the whole time they are talked about the converting power of the Book of Mormon and the power of the restored gospel.  There was a really great story of a family in Scotland who joined simply from hearing the words that were written about Jesus Christ. I can't explain how wonderful it was to feel of the Spirit here!!! There is just so much power in the temple and everything that the Saints worked for is coming to pass right now! There was a quote from Brigham Young about how there will be thousands of temple all over the earth one day. The whole pageants theme was enduring to the end! It's so wonderful to have so much understanding from the gospel and to have a legacy of our ancestors to look to for an example.

In church yesterday, we talked a lot about Enduring to the end as well. We talked about Elder Pearson talk in Conference "Stay by the Tree". He emphasizes really well the need to always improve and do better and to endure to the end! There is so much that we need to do, that we can do better, all to help the work of the Lord go forward. We also talked about motivation. the question was asked, what is your motivation? I thought a lot about that. it was also mentioned that the two basic roots of all motivation come down to: experiencing comfort (peace) and pleasure (Joy). the best source of all motivation comes from the Atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the tree! He is the way! He provides the whole purpose of life. though Him, Heavenly father has given us the means possible for Salvation and Eternal Life. because we know that Heavenly father loves us, we know that He gives us the gospel to be happy. We keep his commandments because we love him!  also during testimony meeting, a young boy said "the key to happiness and the gospel is love. if we know that heavenly Father lives we know that he loves us and we do love others!

it was really great! well I hope and pray that all is well and that you know that I am grateful for everything that you're doing!! i love you!! thank you for everything!
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadben

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Josh's Mission July 27 2015

Hello Family!

it has been a wonderful week! These weeks of the Pageant have been so wonderful! but they've all kind of smushed together... everything seems to be the same and yet there are wonderful times every week were we see so many miracles :) 

a huge miracle that happened this week was a 10 year old child named Quwinell was baptized in Hamilton this week. He has been taught by missionaries for a long time! and just recently his mom (who is a member but less active) , who lives in Colorado gave permission for him to be baptized. it's taken a lot from the elders there to help him and his family see the importance of his baptism, but it finally all cam together. He was living with his grandparents here, who are members, and he is now going back to live with his mom. It was really awesome! 

We've been working with Eric Watson for awhile now, and he was on date for Aug 8th, but he has to quit smoking first, so we are trying to help him do that. and we've been trying to find more people that are willing and committed to progressing and repenting, it's been kind slow going but recently the Lord has blessed us with a few people who are really wonderful!

So at the Pageant this week on Saturday, while trying to talk with people who were there, we talked to this guy who is the supervisor over the stage missionaries. He helps out with all the stage crew people and does a lot of the maintenance and things like that, especially during the performances and things. anyways, he talked a lot about the great opportunities there are to serve in the Pageant, and he was pretty convincing, I would love to come back and perform in the Pageant, help out with it, and definitely come play in the bagpipe band :) so while we were talking to him, he mentioned that we could go in the back of the stage and watch how everything operates. it was so awesome!! there are pullies everywhere, counter weights for all the moving parts and just so much going on. it looked like a lot of fun work. :) yeah, elder Wardle and I were pretty excited about it all :)

oh yeah, and we were on exchanges down in Keokuk this week and I met this member Gary Mason, who called you :) that was pretty awesome! He was teasing me while on the phone, he's a really cool guy though :) we were helping this lady move into an apartment and Brother Mason had some furniture for her. so we grabbed our truck and loaded it all up.

right, sister Abby Froerer emailed me a picture of that. :) that's pretty awesome! I remember telling her to look for you :) it's awesome to have a mom who everyone in the Ogden area can go visit

that's really awesome about all the good news!! there is an elder here from Court e lain. that's good that Kris got a job!! and I have been wanting to go see that wall as well. I remember going to see it 

thank you so much for everything!! i love you and I hope and pray that all is well!! 
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent