Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MTC - Feb 29, 2012

Hello, hello!
It sounds like this week was GREAT! I am VERY jealous that you were able to go to Lee''s-I would LOVE a good meal from there!  That is great that Cari's house is getting closer to being done! I'm sure she is very happy about that.  Has she found a new roommate yet?  Yay for Joe! He''ll get it on his own, soon, I can just feel it! (This keyboard keeps doing double apostrophes and I''m not going to fix it-sorry)
I feel like I have learned SO much this week! I ALWAYS feel like that!  I''m not sure where to start, so I think I''ll start with the experience that is most fresh.  Elder Holland came and spoke yesterday for our Tuesday devotional-it was կատարյալ (ka tar yal-perfect)! I LOVE Elder Holland-to be honest-I think we all do.  He talked to us a lot about the image that we are to the world-how even though the church doesn''t have an icon, if we did, it would probably be 2 missionaries walking down the street.  So we are expected to be perfect, even though we won''t be, that is what is expected.  Then he talked about how the missionary program changed with PMG-how the focus went from converting the investigator, to converting the missionary.  Because, how can we be expected to help convert others if we aren''t converted ourselves?  He spoke VERY strongly about our need to stay true to the path of the gospel AFTER our missions.  And how the experiences we have will change us, so when we get home we shouldn''t go back to how we were before our missions-we can''t afford to go back to how we were before.  He talked about how we should all think of ourselves as God''s investigators.  If we want something for our investigator-like for them to pray more sincerely, or become converted in their heart and not their head, then the Lord feels it more for us-He wants it more for us-so for us to pray more sincerely and for us to become more converted in our hearts.  SO AWESOME!  And how true it is!  Especially while we are all journeying to become better-of course our Heavenly Father wants us to pray harder, to study deeper, to ponder more, to be more open to the spirit, the list could keep going-I just had never thought of it quite like that.  Lastly, he spoke about teaching "after the manner of the spirit" Moroni 6:9 We discussed pretty openly how the spirit teaches and then he told us to personify it.  Find the qualities that the Holy Ghost possesses and personify it-we must learn to become like the spirit.
On that note, the other day in class, Brother Carlson was talking about the spirit and how the spirit works in conversion-we were discussing the role it plays as missionaries, as investigators, etc.  And he said somthing to this effect.  We are SO blessed.  We have been promised that we can have the Holy Ghost as our constant companion.  We can have a member of the Godhead ALWAYS with us.  If you were to walk into someone''s home and say, we have a member of the Godhead with us, wouldn''t you want them to feel that?  To feel the power that comes with having the Holy Ghost with you?  The Holy Ghost is so crucial-we''ve learned that more than once, expecially with our lack of language, but despite our inabilities, the Holy Ghost still testifies of truth.  Միշտ Սորբ Հոգի վկայում չշմարիտով միշտ (Always, The Holy Ghost always testifies of truth!)
I''m about out of time, but I just wanted to express how grateful I am for all of you! I can''t begin to imagine where I would be without you!  I am SO grateful for you constant love, support and prayers-for the strength you help me to have!  By the way, thanks for sending the little thing about Camryn-I''m picturing how adorable and fun she is! 
I can''t begin to express how much I love this gospel!  I know it is true!  The Lord has given us so much and asks for so little in return!  I know Jesus Christ is our Savior-He lifts us and cleanses us through all that we do-and He loves us-so much!  
Love you all!  I hope your week is a fantastic one!
Love, Sister Broadbent
ps-Will you study the attributes of the Holy Ghost and send me what you find-and some scripture references to go with it?  Love you! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

MTC Feb 22, 2012

Hello Hello!
It is always so good to hear all the happenings at home and to hear about the tender mercies of the Lord!  We are SO blessed! 
Այս շաբատ մենկ սովորել էնկ աղոթկի մասին: (ice sha pot menk sovorel enk aghotkee maseen) This week we have learn about prayer.  And the doctrine of prayer.  We spent time studying it and discussing it in class and then Brother Carlson asked us to study and ponder it some more for the next class period.  We mostly talked about the "Why."  Why do we pray?  Brother Carlson helped us dig deep and find within ourselves why we pray personally and then we studied Enos 1:1-12 and discussed everything that Enos learns about God while he is praying.  In the end, we concluded that we pray so we can know God, know his characteristics, and know how to become like Him, since that is our goal.  It's so hard to explain how strong the spirit was as we all told what was really in our heart.  Yes, we pray to receive revelation and guidance; we pray because we love our Father and we know He loves us; we pray because we're told to; and there are many more reasons.  I just think it makes perfect sense that we pray to learn about Him and from Him-since ultimately we want to be like Him.
Pres. Brown (the MTC pres) spoke on Sunday-about the hard work and practice we put in, in order to be successful in whatever we do-like playing instruments, or singing, etc.  He applied it to missionary work-how we have to put in the time and practice in order to become better; we also must work hard-we can put in all the time we want, but if we aren't working hard at it, then are we really progressing?  I am continually amazed at how much I learn daily!
I'm not sure if I told you, but we got a new comp (sort of) this last week.  Sis. Gallacher is a solo sister, but she is assigned to us for times when she needs a comp.  She and one elder (Elder Bergeson) are going to the Baltic mission learning Latvian.  We also have 2 elders who are going to the Baltic mission learning Lithuanian.  Our classes are all right next to each other, so we've all become close rather quickly-the three of us sisters always get a good laugh at the Elders and their interactions-they keep us on our toes :)
I'm also not sure if I told you about Armenia-we won't get to knock doors or proselyte in anyway (I think I told you that part) and in order for an investigator to be baptized they have to attend church at least 5 times and be keeping the word of wisdom for at least 2 weeks (as well as other commandments, etc) Whereas, Sis. Bobzien said that when her boyfriend was in Brazil they could baptize that week, or the day they committed-as long as they had the appropriate permission to.  So crazy!  But I know the Lord adjusts depending on the needs of the people! 
We'll be studying how to receive revelation through the Book of Mormon this next week-will you study it some too, and let me know your thoughts?  I would love to hear what you think!
I don't have much time left so, just want to let you know-I love you all!  I am so grateful for all you do and for the strength I feel from you!  I know, and am coming to know better that Jesus Christ truly is our Savior!  He loves us SO much!  And our Heavenly Father and Christ provide so many tender mercies for us because they want us to be happy!
Սիրում էմ ձեզ: ես գիտեմ որ Հիսուս Քրիսթոսը մեր պերկիչն է:
I don't have time to translate the rest :( Sorry!
Love you!
Sis. Broadbent

Thursday, February 16, 2012

MTC - Feb 16, 2012

բարեվ ծէզ: (Barev dzez-Hello all of you!)
In case you didn't notice I figured out how to type in հայրէն (hiren-Armenian) I still can't figure out why we call it Armenia-it actually sounds more like Hi-a-stan.  Weird.  Not that it matters.
I hope everything is going well at home-is Joseph reading more? 
շնորհակալություն (shnor-haka-lootz-yoon-this means thank you, although technically thankfulness-I LOVE saying it, its so fun-and all the other missionaries think we are speaking gibberish :)) for the birthday wishes and package! The Elders loved all the candy you sent, although I think they are on an overload of sweets.  Sis. Bobzien also said to say thank you!  You are the best-ever!  After everyone sang to me in class, Brother White went off saying all of these things armenians say, like good health, long life, stuff like that.  I did learn that in Armenian you don't say happy birthday, but congratulations on your birthday or congratulations on your birth.  Something of the sort.  Different, but I've come to learn from our teachers that the people are very loving and curious, so it makes it pretty easy for them to ask about the gospel.  We are not allowed to proselyte(sp?).  Any conversation about the gospel has to be brought up by them, but all 3 of our teachers said that the people are often amazed that Americans speak Armenian, or that we are there of our own choice, because most people in Armenia want to get out.  As soon as they ask why we are there or how we know Armenian, we can start talking about the gospel-since it is the reason why we are there and why we speak the language.
We've talked a lot this week about the doctrine of Christ and how and why it is applicable to people.  So what do you think?  Why is the doctrine important?  Why do we invite people to come to Christ?  How is the message that we share important for them?  I'm also learning to do EVERYTHING for the investigators.  There are so many times that I just want to learn whatever words I can, but the only ones that really matter are the ones we need to teach.  Plus all of our personal study is spent preparing for them.  I am continually amazed at how much our Heavenly Father love ALL of us!  And I am constantly in awe of the strength and peace He provides!  
I'm running out of time, but make sure Beth, Cari, and Kris know how grateful I am for their notes!  I'll try to write them back if I can, but I'm not sure if we'll have time.  We are getting a new sister in our branch today that will be going to Latvia, but there is only one sister and one elder, so the MTC is kind of assigning her to us, since our schedules are identical and we are right by each other.  It should be great!  
ես գիտեմ որ Հէսուս Թրիստոսի մէր պերկիչն է և ես գիտեմ որ սիրում է մեզ I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know that He loves us! 
Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8, 2012

Barev dzez eem untaneek! (This means Hello, my family! I would type it in Armenian, however, I don't know what keys will type what letters...not a good thing :)) 
It sounds like this last weekend was great!  I love it when the apostles let you do the teaching! They are so wonderful!
So my week was overwhelming, to say the least! Our first night of classes our teachers, Brother White and Brother Carlson, started straight into Armenian, no English whatsoever, and we learned the alphabet.  The language is SO intense!  It's kind of nice though, because they have letters that represent that sounds we have when we combine letters, like the sh and ch sounds.  There are several other sounds that have that gutteral sound in your throat that are a challenge for me to make.  Up until Sunday, my throat hurt from trying to say them.  You know how I thought I was getting a cold?  It hasn't turned into much, just an occasional stuffy nose, which is a huge blessing!
My companion, Sister Bobzien is from Napa, CA and attended school at UCSD in San Diego.  She graduated this last June in some sort of conservation degree, as well as a minor in lingustics(sp?).  She also has learned French and ASL; she has been so quick picking up the language!  And she understands everything!  She is AMAZING!  We are a lot alike, especially in our relaxed and happy attitudes.  Her parents were baptized when she was 2 and they've been active on and off.  She is an only child, but you would never guess it.  I love her!  She's just so awesome!  We taught our first lesson to an "investigator" on Friday-in Armenian-or as much as we could.  Teaching has been the hardest, because there is so much we wish we could say, but can't!  Not to mention the fact that we can hardly understand what he is saying, but the Lord is truly with us.  As little as I feel I understand the language, I still feel like Heavenly Father is helping us understand him!  The gift of tongues is a blessing!  Sis. Bobzien and I are both perfectionists, so we've mostly been reading our lessons.  Yesterday, Bro. Carlson asked if Ahshote would feel more if we read or if we spoke poorly, but from the heart.  From the heart is definitely most important, but its a challenge to say what is truly in my heart, when I lack the vocabulary to do so, not to mention all of the verb tenses and noun cases-but it'll come!  I know the Lord will help!  I'm praying so hard to be able to remember and speak with the gift of tongues!
After our lesson on Friday, Sis. Bobzien broke down, she doesn't like how they've chose to teach us the language and was really struggling with it; she just wasn't happy and said she wanted to go home :( .  I think Sunday really helped!  She seems to be doing better and I pray for her constantly!
There are 3 elders with us-Elder Pack (from Logan), Elder Harrington (from San Diego), and Elder Chojnacki (from Buffalo, NY-this is pronounced Chu-neck-ee; his dad is Polish! So cool!!) They are great! It's fun to get to know them and their sense of humors-they are all so unique, but they are great at remembering what words mean!
I LOVE the feeling here! As hard as it is and as overwhelmed as I feel, I LOVE it!  I still can't believe I'm actually here though!  It still feels like a dream! 
I love you all!  Thank you so much for your prayers and love!
I really want to write my testimony in Armenian, but I'll have to figure that out for next time!  I know Christ is our Savior and it is through Him that we gain our strength and joy!  I am so grateful for that knowledge!  I know He loves us!
Love you!
Sis. Broadbent
Lots of smiles, prayers, and hugs for all of you!  :) :) :)


Some pictures before Mary left.

Monday, February 6, 2012

First letter from the MTC!

So here is our first letter from Mary!! I had been expecting an email from the MTC on last Wednesday or Thursday, obviously she preferred to do a handwritten letter or couldn't get to a computer! It was a wonderful surprise to get her letter today!
I also have some pictures that I am posting of our family together before she left.

Feb 1, 2012
Barev Zez Family!

The MTC is wonderful - so overwhelming, but great! We started right into the language - no English and learning the alphabet - to say the lease, there was a lot of miming and confusion for the sounds that we've never heard or made in English - it's hard to know where and how it is formed in your mouth. But it sounds and looks so neat!
I can't wait to actually know it!
I love the peace of the gospel - even though I was so nervous and full of butterflies, as soon as we got started I just felt better - that peace. It is wonderful!

My companion is Sister Bobzien?(I can't read her writing) - she's from Napa, California - its just the 2 of us and 3 Elders - so small compared to almost everyone else! One of the Elders is from Logan, another from San Diego and the last is from Buffalo, New York - its pretty awesome to get to know these people that I will spend the next 10/12 weeks with.,

I'm mot sure if it is 10 or 12 weeks - they gave us a 12 week schedule but they said we'll be done April 16 - isn't that only 10? No matter - it'll be great!

My p-day is Wednesday so I'll write more then.

I love you all so Much! I'm not sure I can express how grateful I am to have you as a family!

Love you!
Sister Broadbent
(it feels really weird to write that :) ).