Monday, June 11, 2012

Mary's letter June 11, 2012

Just a little side note - the first bit is in reference to Mary's best friend Callee, whose father past away this weekend, very unexpectedly.   Because Callee and Mary are like sisters and both sets of parents have often been referred to as Mom and Dad by both girls, we decided we needed to let Mary's mission Pres know about Bill's passing.  The Carter's were very understanding and I had the opportunity to have a nice chat with Pres Carter on Saturday.  They decided that since Mary would be opening the email at an internet cafe, that that wouldn't be the best place for her to hear about Bill's death, so they called her Sunday morning.
We are so blessed to have a loving Father in Heaven who cares for our every need and helps us through all things!

Barev dzez!

I can't begin to tell you how I feel about Bill-Pres. Carter called me
yesterday, both he and Sis. Carter talked with me.  My heart just
aches for the Griffins, knowing their Grandpa recently died, but I
feel so at peace-because we have the gospel.  We are so blessed!  I'm
especially worried for Callee-a little tender mercy about that.  As I
was finishing talking to Pres. Carter I was thinking about writing
her, and how much easier it would be to email.  I almost asked, but
decided that rules didn't need to be bent for me, so I determined to
write a postcard and send it, since they get there faster.  About 30
minutes after our phone call had ended, Pres. Carter called back and
said he felt like it would be a good thing if I emailed Callee-so he
gave me permission.  The Lord truly knows!
I'm so grateful the Lord is with us!  And what a blessing for Darren
following the promptings of the spirit so he could be home with the
family!  And I was thinking about what a sweet reunion in likely was
for Bill and their little boy!
Will you be sure to give them all lots of hugs for me and let them
know I send my love and am praying for them?

This week has been good-it's been fun getting into a routine with Sis.
Tolman-and so fun to introduce her to the people that I've come to
love.  It's funny, I didn't realize how much I already love them until
I was able to tell her about all of them.  Sis. Tolman is great-such a
hard worker! She grew up in Logan on a farm-so she's quickly fallen in
love with Artashat because of all the fields, gardens, and farms.  I
feel like I'm already learning so much from her-she has brought a
great perspective!  We both feel like there is so much potential here
and are working to find those who are prepared for the gospel.  I
can't remember if I told you about Virab-but we visit him daily.  He's
one of the oldest members here and for years they held church in his
home.  We always go with the intent of sharing a spiritual message,
and he ends up teaching us!  We had a really neat experience the first
day we went after Sis. Tolman came.  We had thought about what we
could share with him, prayed about it, and decided on a couple of
scriptures.  When we got to his home, he was working out in his hard
and was too busy to come in, but his daughter, who was visiting,
invited us in.  We started chatting and felt like we could share our
scriptures with her.  As we shared them and talked with her about
them, she started to cry.  She was so touched.  Through her tears, she
expressed her thanks for us and for the scriptures we had shared, she
said it was just what she needed.  Sis Tolman and I talked about how
amazing the spirit is-and the tender mercies we receive.  Since we had
prepared our lesson with Virab in mind, but we had really been able to
help his daughter.  It was the neatest experience!

So, as I thought of humility there were a few things I decided on-that
humility is recognizing the greatness of God and His hand in our
lives, it's trusting him, doing as he asks without murmuring-and it
fits with so many other things like patience, faith, charity,
knowledge.  It's also like dad said-becoming the Sons and Daughters of
God.  As I've read from the Book of Mormon this week, I've decided
that to really become a child of God-we have to have that change of
heart.  We have to become converted.  And while we are all His
children-it is different to BECOME His Sons and Daughters.

Just about out of time.  But I know-I've felt more than ever the past
couple of weeks-that God is our literal Heavenly Father.  He knows us,
He's aware of us, and He is near us.  He gave us His Son!  And because
of His Son, we have the opportunity to be with our family forever!
The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ-He gospel in its fullness has been
restored to the Earth and we are apart of that blessing! I know it is

I love you all!  I hope this next week is great!

Metz sirov,

Kuyr Broadbent

ps-I just realized I didn't write about Zone conference-but it was amazing!

Love you!

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