Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello family!
It sounds like there are a lot of good things going on at home!
Congrats to Alisha and Rachel!  How exciting! And I'm so excited to
hear about how trek goes!  I guess I'll have to wait a couple more
weeks for that though!  I'm sure it'll be great!  Mom, I'm also
postive that your talk and Dad's were wonderful! I can just imagine
how much the members at the Gardens loved hearing about Grandpa!
I can't believe you're just barely picking cherries!  We've been
eating cherries for at least a month and I think all the ones from
around here are pretty much gone now!  We've moved onto watermelons
and apricots.  Since we're so many people here in Artashat have
apricot trees, almost everywhere we go they give them to us!  I don't
think I've ever eaten so many in my life, and they are SO good, so
I'll just continue to eat them! We bought our first watermelon last
week, we had heard they were a little expensive, but very delicious,
so we decided to try.  We ended up paying 2500 dram for it-so about a
little over 5 dollars! It was more expensive than we were thinking,
but it was SO good!  Mmm-I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables!
This week was pretty good Knar came back from Georgia this week and
then left again yesterday, so we taught her everyday, but no matter
how we tried, she wouldn't read the Book of Mormon on her own.  Every
lesson we read with her instead of teaching new material.  Then
yesterday she told us she didn't want to meet anymore and didn't want
to read the Book of Mormon at all.  I feel so disappointed and sad at
her decision, but at the same time I feel at peace with it.  I've felt
how important it really is to read the Book of Mormon-every day!  For
our sake-so we can learn how to gain a better relationship with Christ
and our Heavenly Father, so we can really gain our own testimony of
the gospel.  Sometimes it is so hard to accept the decisions that
others make!  I am amazed at the love I feel for these people! As
we've visited with people of all different status, I have felt love
for each of them.  And more than that, I've felt that Heavenly Father
loves them so much, whether or not they recognize Him or His hand in
their life.  I feel like that is at least one reason why we share the
gospel.  So people can learn of the precious relationship we can have
with our Heavenly Father, so they can feel His love, recognize it as
His love, learn how to become like Him, and to learn and do the things
necessary to return to Him.  More and more I feel so blessed to be
apart of this gospel!
I had a couple of people on my mind this week-Cortney and the
Chadwicks-how are they?  Have you heard from them recently?  Just
wondering how things are.
I love you all!  I hope you all have a great week!

Love, Sis. Broadbent

Ps.-Happy late anniversary Mom and Dad!  Love you! You're the best!

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