Monday, November 12, 2012

Nov 12, 2012

Barev Family!

We has an AMAZING Zone conference this week with Pres. and Sis Lawrence (from the Area Presidency) Sis. Lawrence taught us about the house of israel and what it means to be a part of the house of israel.  She shared a lot of neat insights and I feel like her teachings have helped me to understand more exactly what it means to be a part of the house of israel.  She talked about how being a part of the house of israel has a lot to do with our premortal existence and the way we fought for the Lord there-our faithfulness to the Lord.  As missionaries, yes we are here to share the gospel for different reasons and we each received our answer that we needed to be here, but a lot of it comes back to the covenants and committments we made before this life-that we are now fulfilling here.  So neat.  I wish I could explain it the way she did-it was just so clear! Then she talked about how not all people on earth are of the house of israel-which is why some do not accept the gospel.  And of course those of the house of israel have been prepared to accept the gospel-so all we have to do to find them.  I hope we'll all remember the covenants we've made-both the covenants we've made here and the covenants we made before this life.  We have a great responsibility to fulfill!! 
Also, it was really neat-we were each able to have interviews with Pres. Lawrence and he knew all of us by name! Can you imagine!?  A man with such great stewardship who knows each of us individually? I testify that the Lord is the same-yes, He is the Savior of the world, and yes, He knows each of us individually and by name! I know the Lord is watching over us-that angels are protecting us, both angels on this side of the veil and on that side of the veil- and I know the Lord is with us! 
Sorry this is such a short email, I guess I didn't have much to tell this week, or rather that I couldn't think of what to tell...

I hope you all have a great week! Be safe! Enjoy the snow! :) I've heard it's supposed to snow here soon :) And it's starting to feel like that just may be true.

Love you all!!!

Metz sirov

Sis. Broadbent

Ps-the picture is just a gorgeous sunrise on the way to Yerevan this last week-enjoy!  Love you!

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