Monday, November 5, 2012

Mary's Mission Nov 5, 2012

Hello, hello Family!!
It sounds like you had a pretty good week-dear sweet Joe!  He is such a great boy!  (Dear Joseph-How I love and miss you bud!)  Can't wait to hear how the temple was for Callee!    
Before I start into the past week, I just have to say how I love days like yesterday, (we had a district conference with all the branches-Pres. and Sis. Lawrence, our area president, as well as Pres. and Sis. Carter spoke, some members, and our district presidency all spoke) when I can see the joy and excitement of the members just being with each other.  It reminds me of the feeling of how the gospel unites people in more ways than one.  We are so blessed.

 Just a little insight from this past week-nothing from the week is particularly standing out so....I studied from Jacob 5 this week and I feel like I gained a greater understanding of this work.  I'll just share a few of my thoughts:  I was thinking about the relationship between the master and the servant-how everything the servant does, he does for the sake of the master and the vineyard; I too need to be doing everything for the master and for the vineyard.  Thus-those selfish thoughts that take away from the work-I need to push them out, replace them with something better and then set to work-serving and "nourishing" those around me.  Then I love how the servant is so observant of what is going on in the vineyard-I definitely have room for improvement.  I came to know the character of our Savior just a little bit better as the master discovers there is no good fruit and is so saddened by the state of the vineyard (world?) but then how he gives it one more chance; where He and His servants set to work-for the Lord ALWAYS wants success-He does not want His work to fail.  And of course His work cannot and will not fail-and so there is more for us to do.  Starting with my attitude-expecting acceptance, allowing the Lord to work alongside us, working with the end in mind-to bring forth "good fruit".  Then I need to get to work-it says multiple times that we need to "go to and labor diligently" to "labor with all diligence according to the commandments of the Lord" and then I love what the Lord promises us: "Joy with Him".  That is such an amazing promise-the more I think about it-Joy with our Savior and Father-and then I think about how the greatest joy I have yet to feel is at those times when I am helping others to truly come to Christ.  There is much for me to work on-much work to be done-and much more faith that I need to excercise.  
These truly are the last days-I was thinking about the age change for missionaries and how it will bring so many more missionaries into the field-there is such an urgency to the work! And it is so exciting that you are all apart of it as well-as you see others come into the gospel and as you each serve in your callings.  This truly is the Lord's work!  

I love you family!  I hope your week goes great!  

Metz sirov

Quyr Broadbent
Oh and we (as missionaries) pulled together an activity for the youth for Halloween and it was great! We had a pretty good amount of youth there-members and nonmembers and they all seemed to really enjoy it. We started it with a spiritual thought and activity about light and sharing the light we have with others so that we can illuminate the world with the light of Christ, and then had some fun games. It was good and I feel like it was a success.

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