Monday, August 12, 2013

Mary's mission 12 Aug 2013

Barev marev Family!!!
Sounds like a pretty good week! I love the temple.  And I can't believe that Joseph will be 12 so soon! He'll be able to go to the temple! YAY! That will be so wonderful! 
I'm a little sad to hear about Bishop Jones.  I love that man.  He is my friend and I always felt so much love and acceptance from him, even when he called me Mary moo cow.  I feel at peace, especially knowing that he and Margean are together again.  It will be different to not have either of them in the ward, but I know it is all part of our Father's glorious plan.  He truly knows all, is a part of all, and is preparing a place for each of us in His kingdom.  How grateful I am to know of His plan and to feel of the peace that knowing brings!!
One of our investigators, doesn't have a marriage licence, so she can't be baptized.  Her mom has asked if there is a way around that; we've told her we'd do all we can, but that in the end, she still needs the licence.  It's interesting how people think that we can get around the commandments and order of the church, as if there are exceptions.  Somehow, I don't think the Lord allows for exceptions or for excuses.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think as we learn from the scriptures, that the law is given, in essence so that there can be righteousness and happiness.  If we go against God's laws, we simply bring misery into our lives.  The commandments are given for our protection, our happiness, and our growth.  Obedience is the foundation where we can build our faith-for if we know that God loves us and understand that He gives commandments out of love, then even when we don't understand the why, we can go forward and keep the commandment until we gain a testimony of it's importance.  It's like it says in Ether, "There is no witness until after the trial of your faith" or as it says in John "If you do the will you shall know of the doctrine."  Our faith, knowledge, and understanding cannot grow without action.  How can we help our investigators and members to understand this?  To act?  I know that as we teach and testify under the influence of the Holy Ghost then they will make decisions under that same influence.  I feel like we strive to teach with the spirit.  Honestly, I've been trying to be more aware of those little thoughts and feelings and I've been trying ever harder to follow them, and yet it always feels like a fight to help our investigators to use their agency in ways that are pleasing to the Lord.  I can only imagine how much the Lord truly loves us to allow us to choose-to grant us according to our desires.  Wow.  His love is incomprehensible.  I am beyond grateful for the time that I have here, to feel of Heavenly Father's infinite love for each of His children.  Sister Henriquez and I were talking about that a bit the other day, how sad it is and unfortunate for those who choose to not serve missions, because they miss out on feeling that love and on gaining an understanding of the reality of His love and plan.  We are so blessed! Beyond measure!
I love you Family!!! I hope that all is well, that everyone is safe and healthy! Have a great week! Keep your smiles on and continue to be lights and examples to those around you! You are the best! I love you!
Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent  

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