Monday, October 14, 2013

Josh's Mission Oct 14, 2013

Hello family!
It is so good to hear from you. I really can not contain my joy to hear that all is well with you. I wish that I could have gotten to call you at the airport, but I was the Zone leader and had to make sure that everyone else got to call before I did and then there wasn't time, but that's okay, I can wait till Christmas. I love you all so much and I really am glad that things are good for you. the house looks great! that will really be awesome when it's all done.

This week has been great! I'll just start at Wed, because before that not much happened at the MTC. So Wednesday when we arrived in Iowa, Pres and Sister Jensen were waiting for us at the airport. they are so great! they have a wonderful spirit about them and really remind me of family, Uncle Steve and Dave and you as well dad. and sister Jensen is has a lot of energy, i know that I will come to love them more and more. On thrusday, we drove to Iowa City, we were at the mission home in Des moines, for transfer meeting. we all got together and I met my companion for the first time, elder Dragon. I instantly knew that we would work well together, have our challenges, but that we would be able to do the work the Lord has for us. We live in Dubuque. it's right on the Mississippi, on the east border of Iowa. our ward covers a lot of ground, but there aren't that many members yet. a little less than our ward i would say. it goes about 20 miles in to Illinois and the 40 back into Iowa in a square. the bishop is great. 

When we got home, my first lesson was with a former investigator who wasn't keeping commitments, but is really nice. an older gentleman that can't walk and feels like he can't really do what the Lord want's him to do because of it, but hopefully we can help him to understand that he can. we've met with a family that is really interested in the gospel and we're hoping will be baptized soon if they can come to church and quit smoking. smoking is a huge problem here in dubuque, so many people smoke. elder dragon and his former companion didn't have much success, for what ever reason, but him and his trainer did and e. Dragon wants to get back to where he was at before, with his trainer. we are going to try and really work with the members, because they have a hard time really committing to missionary work. they have the desire, but need help know what to do. so we will help them. 

Just a few things that I should tell you:

when sending letters or packages make sure to send them to the mission home. the address is:
Elder Joshua Broadbent
Iowa Des Moines Mission
8515 Douglas Ave. STE 19
Urbandale, IA 50322- 2924

packages should be sent first class or priority. not us UPS or FEDEX. and Christmas mail should be sent by DEC 15.

It's already starting to get cold here, but the weather is really nice. during the night though it gets cold. 

I love you all so much. I really can't tell you that enough. as you go throughout this week will you each try to do something better? will you try to serve someone that you haven't? and will you try to find someone for the missionaries in the stake to teach and give the referral to the ward mission leader. I know that the only real way that this work will continue to progress is through the help of the members. 

A quote that I love from general conference is "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith." I know that that is true, and I know that as you keep your faith centered in Christ, He will bless you. 

I love you all so much,
Elder Broadbent 

oh, one thing that I forgot to tell you. there are a lot of marshalese people here, people from the marshal islands. we actually have a marshalese speaking elder in our district. and I've already learned how to say hello and an expression of frustration. hello id yakay (pronounced yag way) and arare ( i think that's how you spell it) ( that one is hard to explain how to say it's like are rawr)

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