Monday, October 21, 2013

Josh's MIssion Oct 21, 2013

Things have been pretty good. We've been able to meet with some really great people the last week. We met with a man that has been a member for some time, but he has to work a lot, so doesn't come to church and when he can come, he finds an excuse not to. He knows that the church is true and he has great desire and faith, but for some reason he lacks the will power to endure to the end. He really is a great guy though. We also met with another less active who is Marseilles  works a lot, and doesn't really understand English, but the lesson that we had with him was awesome, the spirit was so strong. 

We have a new investigator as well, his name is Tom. He is really curious and has so many questions, but he doesn't really want to be baptized right now. The first lesson we had with him we talked so much about his life and what he's been through and we also talked about how we know that the gospel will bless his life. it was really great. We also met with an older couple who were taught back when blacks couldn't receive the priesthood, so they weren't baptized, but they are so great. Last night we stopped by just to make a return appointment and they let us right in and gave us dinner. and we talked with them for a while, it was really great and I hope that they will see that making time for the gospel will bless them, that's what they really struggle with, and hopefully we can rekindle that fire they had before.

Thank you for the letter from trudy's daughter, i've actually been think what are some things that I need to change so that the Lord can work through me better, and I know that that was my answer. thank you so much family for your love and support. I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful family who is so strong in the faith. 

this past week we have been talking about how we can get members more involved and we are going to call and talk to a bunch of our members to teach them more about missionary work. What can you do to further the work of the Lord? Our mission President has a little saying that we are using to help the members, it's FFT's. We need members who Find, Fellowship, and Testify. will you all Find some that you can Fellowship and Testify to them of the truths that we have? and then invite them to meet with the missionaries? 

I love you all so much and i really am grateful for all of you. A scripture that I really love is D&C 101:16 " All flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God" I love that! this week I have been really working hard on being still and listening to the Spirit. I love you, thanks again for your love and support.

Elder Broadbent

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