Monday, May 12, 2014

Josh's mission May 12, 2014

iokwe baamle!!

It's been a really great crazy awesome fast full of surprises sort of week.

We got our transfer calls last Monday and lo and behold I'm staying in Knoxville... and so is e Underwood. Also we got a new companion, Elder Blackburn. He's from Layton UT and he is the man! He is a little bit quite but he has a super powerful testimony!!

So after all that excitement, we went around telling everybody that we had told that elder underwood was leaving, that he wasn't leaving. transfer meeting was really great!! and then unfortunately elder black burn got sick coming home. 

Then on Saturday we had an awesome baptism for a sweet family in Centerville (in our district) the Miller's are so great! they are a family of 4 and have such strong testimony's and will one day go through the temple, hopefully in about a year. they are going to do so great in the branch there! they already said that they feel like a family there.

So I just want to share a scripture that I was shown again by a member. it's in Alma 37:44-47, and it talks about the gospel and how Christ is our compass and as long as we are living the gospel things will be alright, heavenly father will help us and it's not hard, as long as we are faithful and living the gospel. and then as I was reading in Hel, near the end (can't remember exactly where) Nephi is lamenting his people and saying how they need to be faithful, that the lord has blessed them so much and they have been through a lot of hard things, but that when things are easy they forget the lord and become wicked. and I got to thinking, how often am I like that, how often do we forget the lord in the easiness of the way. what can we do so that we don't forget him but always have that light with us??

Also, happy late mother's day to everyone!! I hope that everybody has a good week and that we all try to do a little but better than we did last week.


ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

And Elder B found Utah in Iowa!!

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