Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Josh's Mission May 27 2014

With Memorial day yesterday I was thinking the other day about all the great times and memories that we've had down in Vernal and other areas and how great our family is! I am so grateful for being blessed into such a great family! So we had Zone Conference this past week and the 1st counsellor in the presidency is finishing his mission hear soon and being released. He asked the question: what would you tell someone if you knew that it was the last time that you would be able to talk with them? He talked about how if you look through the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon and read all of the prophets closing remarks, that you find that they each leave with a little bit of advice and knowledge. He also pointed out the most of them talk about the Doctrine of Christ in one way or another. He addressed the need to understand more fully how important the Doctrine of Christ is. Why do you think the doctrine of Christ is so important? What would you tell someone if you knew that you were going to see them for the last time?
I was then thinking about the great times that we had visiting all of the graves for our relatives and how much I really enjoyed that. I loved talking about the good memories that everyone has about them. I then got thinking about how important it is to keep a journal, so I'm going to work on that.
This week we were very blessed! Heavenly father blessed us to find 3 new investigators: Louanne and her husband that I can't remember his name right now. But they are really great! they are community of Christ members, so they really believe in a lot of the same things that we do. Any advice on how to teach them? Because they read the Book of Mormon and they believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet. We also found Stacey's boyfriend, who i can't remember his name right now either, but I haven't meet him yet, he was found on exchanges with the elder's in our district.
So on the topic, we had a great exchange with the elder's in our district. I just have to say that we have a wonderful district and I have learned so much from the great elder's here. there is an elder in our district that is leaving in august. And he is so great! He is a great example to me of repenting and doing better. there was this one guy that we were talking with and afterwards, Elder Younger, that's his name, told me that he should have been better at talking about the gospel that one time. It was a very brief interchange with the guy, but he felt that he should have done better. and it got me to thinking, how well do I talk about the gospel as if it's a natural part of me? the gospel should be a part of our lives and I need to do better at talking about it as if it were a literal part of me.
Oh, so we found out yesterday that E Underwood got his visa officially! He leaves on the 17th of June for Brazil. I've really enjoyed being his companion, I've learned so much from him! and I'm going to miss being with him. but that's all right, Heavenly father has a plan, I'm just super excited for him to get down to Brazil!
Thank you all for everything that you do for me! I really appreciate your support, love, and prayers! I love You!!!

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