Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Josh's Mission Nov 17 2014

Salut famille!!

Well, it's been a really great week! We've super blessed with people to teach and we are trying to help them come to church now. we had a wonderful time with elder Cardon of the 70 on Thursday and had a sweet sunday.

It's been way cold this last week! Every morning keeps getting colder and colder. the really bad part is the wind. it's snowed a couple of times this week, so that was great! the snow is so different from UT and I'm trying to get used to driving in it again.  can't believe that it is almost Thanksgiving already, seriously this year went by so fast! And it'll make it even fast with Brevin's baptism this week. Which we are way excited for.

WE had a wonderful day yesterday with Brevin and his family. we got to have a sweet lesson with them about the commandments and I was thinking how important it is that we know what the commandments are and how to live them. It's such a big blessing to have a prophet who talks with Heavenly father and then tells us what we need to do. I've been thinking a lot lately how important it is that we have a prophet, especially because we have an investigator that really wants to know about our prophet and why we know he is called of God. I've also been thinking a lot about hos important it is that we keep the commandments and andure to the end, so that we can have happiness and promised blessings. and how when we keep the commandments we are protected from the power of Satan. It's always astounding to me how much Satan tries to pull us down.

We had a great lesson with a family, the Jensens, last night about trials and enduring. In Ether 6:1-12 it talks about how the Jaredites were driven by the wind to the promised land. but they had the light that was provided for them from Christ so they didn't have to be in darkness. it was just really powerful to me how the Lord always takes care of us especially in our trials, he always knows what we are going through and he always has a way for us to come through them and be stronger.

Our mission tour with Elder Cardon was great! basically all the mission tour is, is a meeting, like a conference, that we are trained at and we get to hear what he wants us to do better at. it was super awesome! We got to huge him :) and we got a lot of direction on what the prophet wants us to be doing. Something that really stuck out to me is something that sister Jensen said that goes right along with Thanksgiving. she said that it is very important that we are grateful in all our circumstances (pres Uchtdorf's talk) and especially that we need to show gratitude to those who are around us. she also said something very powerful to me "if you right 2 sentences a day about the things that you are grateful for, your testimony of the Atonement will grow, your realationship with our Saviour will Increase and you will be able to withstand trials with greater strength." I know that is true!

that is crazy that Anthony, Ali , and Amy are home already, I can't believe it's gone by so fast. tell them hi for me! and Anthony that he should email me :)

I love you all so much and I just want to thank you for everything that you do!! I love you so much!! I am very grateful for your love, prayers and support! Please know that you are in my prayers and again, I love you!!

ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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