Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mary is on her way! April 11, 2012

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(Hello my family! Wow! it's hard to believe that I am going to Armenia. But I am so exciting to go!)
It sounds like your weekend was great!  I hope you said hi to everyone for me! How fun to see everyone! Way to go Beth for finding names! I'll bet that was a special experience being baptized for them-going to the temple is always special, but even more so because of the work you did! I'm SO proud of you!  What a neat opportunity to talk  to Beam's parents it sounds like they are greatl!
 Funny story about that-yesterday at our devotional Bishop McMullin and his wife spoke-he told a story about a seventy that was on a bus in Africa.  This lady sitting behind him started bashing the church and had the whole bus joining in.  When the lady paused for a breath, the seventy began reading from 2 Nephi-we rejoice in Christ, we talk of Christ etc. And the entire bus was saying "Amen" after every line he read.  Finally someone asked if he was a preacher, he said no, but that he was reading from the Book of Mormon.  The lady that started it all ended up taking the discussions-the Lord truly knows and prepares people to hear his gospel.  The time will come for them as well :) 

Easter sounds like it was also great! Don't you just love how we have the opportunity to better remember our Savior?  Josh-where is Eric going to? I don't recall hearing.
Easter was so wonderful! We had a mission sacrament meeting-the sacrament was passed to all of us gathered together-it was so neat! We sang Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer-it was a gorgeous arrangement-it always feels so wonderful to testify through song!  We had a couple of guest speakers-maybe you've already heard, I don't know..... :)  Pres. Packer and his son Elder Packer (of the 70) spoke.  It was amazing to be fed by these great men!  Elder Packer talked about how important the BoM is as well as the Bible.  He also talked about our Savior and how there are things in our lives that we often look to the Prophet for, but that we should seek comfort and guidance from our Father in Heaven.  We should always look up first.  Pres. Packer-bless his heart-was cracking some pretty good jokes at the beginning :) He is so great! He is a wonderful example, as he struggles from polio, of what it means to live with a smile, even when things happen to you that you don't have control over.  He talked about the power we have and the power we can ALWAYS have through the Holy Ghost.  And how we find so much joy heading the promptings of the Holy Ghost, because that helps us become like our Savior and Father.  He also talked about how we all have circumstances that are not ideal-the Savior certainly did-but we must not quit, we must not become discouraged-it is through those trials and experiences that we become strong, and where we find more knowledge.  He invoked so many blessings on us-I feel SO blessed!  We were talking about how blessed we've been to be here the time we have-we've heard from Elder Holland, Elder Oaks, Pres. Packer, multiple members of the 70, and we had the opportunity to sing for conference. WOW!
Mom-Thanks for sending that stuff! You're the best! I will be send a package home, too.  Conversion is an on-going process right? And no matter the things we do as teachers or as students, the Spirit is what converts us.  It is important that we do the things necessary to invite the Spirit and conversion, and we have to really desire it.  There were a few scriptures I thought of-I'll let you read them and see what you think.  Alma 32:26-37, 2 Nep 4:16-35, Alma 36, Alma 5, Mosiah-the beginning, I don't remember the cahpter, but it's when Benjamin is talking to his people about being converted.  I don't know if it'll help, but there you go.
Travel plans-we fly out Monday morning-we have a layover in JFK for a few hours, so if there's time I might call you from there, it'll be before 1-but it depends on how long we take.  If I don't call from there, I will definitely call from Austria-we have a 14 hour layover in Vienna-so I'll try to make sure I don't call at an in convenient time.  We're there from 8 am-10 pm-but I don't know what time that is for you-it's Tuesday for us, probably still monday for you, I don't know.  I'm excited to talk to you all! Maybe I'll be able to say some things in Armenian for you :) Maybe not well, but....we shall see.  I'm excited to talk to you!
I love you all! We are blessed beyond all measure!  Today at the temple I felt that more than ever and got just a small glimpse of just how much our Father loves us!  WOW! This IS HIS gospel!  I know Christ is at the head of it and that HE LIVES!  Through Him we can gain access to all our Father has! 
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