Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mary made it to Armenia!

Monday, April 15 Mary left for Armenia!  She had a bit of a trip - first to JFK where they went through all that needed to be done for International travel.  She called me, her mom, from there, just to say hi and that she would be calling Tuesday morning while they were laid over in Austria. She sounded so excited and very nervous as she heads for this new adventure!!  She said she felt like she was in a dream after being in the MTC for 11 weeks!  After an 8 hour flight they got to Austria, a small airport where they had to stay for 14 hours!  Mary called us here at home in the morning so that she could say hello to everyone.  She sounded excited and ready to go!  Her Armenian sounds awesome and she feels like she has a good handle on it.  She told us that the MTC has changed how they train recently, the missionaries now teach in their assigned language every day, rather than just a day or two a week.  Many of the TRC volunteers felt like this was very good preparation and felt that these missionaries were able to speak Armenian very well - even before leaving the MTC!!  We hope this is good preparation and will get them off to a great start!!

We received a letter from the mission President and he said all the missionaries look good and he is excited to serve with them!!
Here is picture of them!

Don't they look great!!

And here is Mary's quick email after some rest and before her great day began!

Hello family!
We have arrived!  Hours ago really, but we're here-and it's great! It was so good to hear all of your voices and to feel of your love and support!  Thank you for all you do!
Pres. and Sis. Carter said they sent you a picture of us at the airport-I hope you recieved it; Sis. Carter said at first it said your email wasn't valid, so hopefully it worked out.  I don't know when p-day is, so we'll work that one out later-also I used my debit card in the airport yesterday-I hope that was ok.
Pres. and Sis. Carter ar wonderful! I love them already and they seem great! I'm so excited to be here!  Earlier Pres. Carter said that Grandpa was the stake president (maybe counselor?) when he went on his mission-and that Grandpa interviewed him.  He talked about how wonderful Grandpa was and described him just how I remember him-that whenever you talked to him, you felt like you were the only one in the world-and the most important at that.  He also said that his sister dated Dean for a while...what a small world!
I am so grateful to be here!  I can hardly believe it's real, but it's so great!  I feel so blessed to be a part of this work!  And so grateful that we all share the joy we have because of the gospel!  You are wonderful!  I know our Savior lives, this is His work, He directs it, and we can find so much strength through Him! 
I love you!
Sis. Broadbent
2 Nephi 31:20

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