Monday, May 21, 2012

Barev dzez! 

I can't believe that Camryn is walking, well I can, but I could just picture everything you said she fun! I can't believe she'll be 1 tomorrow (did I remember right?)!  I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for all of you and your examples!  It sounds like the week was good-I'm sure the kids are so excited to be done for the summer, the kids here will also be done this week...I know they're all looking forward to it.  

Aww this week....I am amazed at how up and down I often feel, but even more amazed at the tender mercies of our Father.  So this week was pretty normal, it went by so quickly, up until Thursday.  But first I'll tell you about Wednesday-we went to a members house for a lesson and then did some service in her garden-so many people have wonderful gardens here!  We were basically human rotatillers-helping to do what rotatillers do, but with no machine-it was pretty awesome-and we were so tired after! I'm hoping we'll be able to do it again (I'm sure we will), it should be great!  Thursday was a bit rough.  We had a couple meetings fall through and then when we tried to pull other meetings they also didn't work out-and so we set to man galling (it feels so weird to write it in english and I'm not sure it's right, but then I guess you all don't really know the difference anyway....) and it just didn't turn out the most wonderful.  Just rough.  So when we got home, I had remembered a comment that someone in the MTC said, that when we have hard times we can always turn to the Book of Mormon, and always to the Lord.  So as I was reading and praying, I didn't particulary learn a specific thing, but I just felt the comfort and love of our Heavenly Father.  Since I studied up on charity a bit this week, it seemed like everything I read from the scriptures shows how much the Lord loves us.  And I truly know He does!  Then Friday was better-we had some good meetings, and my favorite was with this little old tatik, Nvart.  We were over doing a lesson with some members and were planning to go visit her; they said she was coming to shower at their house, so we just waited for her.  But then we helped her-nothing too scandalous-just to get ready to shower and then we helped her after also.  It is always so great to serve!  Some of the pictures are from that-she's a doll! And so funny!  
Then on Saturday we went to Khorvirap with a group of our single adults for their activity-we did a little picnic and then went back to the church for some kareoke-some of the pictures are also from that.

  Khorvirap is one of the oldest churches here-and they still use it, there was a wedding that had just finished when we got there and they still do sacrifices with chickens and such-it's so interesting the different things people have held onto, and it's kind of neat to see how they hold onto the light they have and worship accordingly-its like that scripture in D&C 123-how people are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it.  What a sacred responsibilty we have been given to help find and teach those who want the truth, who are searching for it really, and just don't know where to find it.  Things with Varsik are going pretty well, she agreed to a soft baptism and was planning on coming to church until something fell on her mom-we praying it'll work out next week, since church is so important! And she is reading and praying :) Which is great!  Knar is still in Georgia, but should get back this week-we're excited for that and praying that she kept reading and praying like she promised she would-she's been so good to her word before.  We are also hoping we can start teaching a family this week that a family from the branch suggested-it should be good.  Oh and kind of funny-while we were contacting we ended up talking with this young man about the church in his khanut (store)-someone else came in and started talking about how wonderful our church is and how great the Book of Mormon is-we're hoping to start teaching both this week.  It should be good.

Quickly I just want to share a bit about charity.  As I was studying about it I just kept thinking about Christ and His perfect example and how His love was so evident in everything He did.  Everyone He talked to, healed, and taught-I'm sure felt His love, and I'm sure everyone who witnessed also did.  Then as I was reading from the Book of Mormon I realized how everything the Lord gives to us, does for us, teaches us, etc-is motivated by that love.  As we talked with people this week I felt that more-as I am trying to remember that each and every person is a child of our Heavenly Father-and He loves them immensely-as much as He loves us.  And they each have so much potential-just like we do.  And the Lord ALWAYS sees that-He ALWAYS loves them, inspite of the choices they make.  Sis. Bailey and I were talking about how sometimes it is harder to love people, but as we remember our relationship with our Father, and their relationship to Him, it makes it easier to love them.  Are we doing as Moroni admonishes-to pray with all energy of heart for this love?  For it is when we truly have charity that we are like our Savior.  Each descion we make can help us become more like Him.  But are we choosing to follow Him and do as He would do?  Sometimes we get caught in the doing, but sometimes I think we need to do it before we learn it and feel it.  Sis. Burnham also mentioned that she felt that often we are most charitable when we have our own needs, but instead of doing what is necessary to fulfill our needs, or instead of having our own needs taken care of, we reach out and serve others. Again, like the Savior.  So true, I liked the way she put it.

I love you all!  Hope you have a great week! And a fun time starting the new paper route-when do you start it?  Or have you already?  I know the Lord truly does take care of our needs-there are so many tender mercies He gives us that are evidence of His love and mercy.  He gave us His Son!  I know this is Christ's true and living church-we are apart of such a great work!

Metz sirov, 

Sis. Broadbent

Will you all study a bit about patience?  And what it means to have patience in the Lord?  Why is it important?

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