Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy Busy - From Mary July 2, 2012

It sounds like your week was filled with a lot of great things! How
fun to get together with both sides of the family! I love family
reunions! It's always so great to just be together! Is Trevor home on
leave, or home for good?  I didn't realize it had been so long since
he left, but I guess it was last year, wasn't it?  And even better
that Kris and Marinda were able to come down! It must be a challenge
with the heat and the fires, especially because this past winter we
didn't have as much snow.  How scary for all those people! I'm so
excited to hear about trek! I know how hard you've worked to pull it
all together, and I'm sure inspite of the heat, or maybe because of
it, the experience will be wonderful!

We had a very busy week!  I feel like the Lord is just pouring out
blessings on us!  I feel so humbled!  We received a couple of
referrals from members in the branch, both are families, but we're not
sure how serious either are, we're hoping to get a better feel this
next week.  We also had a man come to church yesterday, we're going to
try to start teaching him and his family this week.  We're also still
trying to visit all our active members, so both Sis. Tolman and I can
get to know them.  Those meetings as well as the meetings we get from
our daily street contacting are keeping us so busy!  We're trying to
find the balance of time and we feel like we're just go, go, going all
day every day.  I love it though!  It's so great to be busy-to be
doing the Lord's work!  The Lord is truly blessing us!  I don't
remember if I told you about the lady we found that had the 2 sons
die-we had taught her a few times and it was wonderful, but she is
currently vacationing in Sevan, so we're waiting for her to get back.
We had the opportunity this last week to visit a few of our members in
Ararat (the city, not the mountain), since it's a little far, we had
to get permission to go-it was good and we're hoping to spend a day
visiting less actives a couple times a month.

I was studying a bit about conversion this last week-from a few
different general conference talks-I'm going to share a bit, maybe a
few quotes and such.  I was thinking about the people of Ammon in the
Book of Mormon, and the conversion they had.  I love the example they
set, how they were true to the covenants they made-no matter the
circumstances that came upon them. It also says multiple times in the
Book of Mormon, that they were steadfast and faithful until the end.
So I was thinking about how we all need to have that kind of
conversion.  I feel that sometimes, we are converted, but then so
often along the way, we stop doing something, whether its praying,
reading the scriptures, attending church, etc-that leads to us making
other not so good choices-and before we know it, we've lost our
testimony and conversion.  We really become converted in the
journey-in the Enduring to the End-and we have to keep working to
maintain our testimony.  Our lives often show our conversion, as Elder
Oaks said, "The symbols of our Christian faith are the lives of our
people....Our lives of service and sacrifice are the most appropriate
expressions of our commitment to serve the master and our fellowmen."
I feel that in our commitment to serve-as we really apply the
principles and doctrines-as we serve, we maintain that conversion.
Elder Hales tells a few things that help maintain our conversion. "We
become converted and spiritually self reliant as we prayerfully live
our covenants-through worthily parktaking of the sacrament, being
worthy of a temple recommend and sacrificing to serve others."  Then
he explains why they are important, "The sacrament gives us an
opportunity to come to ourselves and experience a mighty change of
heart-to remember who we are and what we most desire" "We become
worthy for a temple recommend by STEADILY and STEADFASTLY obeying the
commandments" (That enduring to the end thing-constantly working to
worthy-diligence really) "As our desires to learn and live the gospel
increase, we naturally seek to serve one another."  As I've studied it
a bit, I've realized more and more that our conversion is maintained
constantly doing the basic things-I love how in the Book of Mormon it
talks about those that fall because of the easiness of the way-really,
we just need to do the simple things, and we'll be strengthened to
continue in the way; we'll continue to do the things that are
necessary for us to return to live in our Father's presence.  Will you
all take a look at your lives?  What could you be doing that you're
not?  What simple thing could you do better-pray more sincerely,
ponder the scriptures and not just read them, be more aware of the
promptings of the spirit? Whatever it is-will you work on it?  And I
will too, I'll find those things and work to become better.  I know
the Lord will help, because I know He wants us to improve! He WANTS us
to be like Him!  And we can, through our Savior, His only begotten
This next week I'm going to study about the character of our Heavenly
Father-and why it's important for us to have a relationship with Him.
Will you all study it with me?  And share what you learn?

I love you all!  I hope you have a great time on the trek!  And that
the heat isn't too unbearable! I feel like we've been blessed, because
the last few days, we've had rain and it's been rather spring like-I
hope some relief from the heat comes your way!  You're the best,
Family! I couldn't ask for better examples or a better family!  I love
you!!  Happy Independence Day!

Metz Sirov,
Sis. Broadbent

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