Monday, August 13, 2012

Mary's Mission Letter for Aug 13, 2012

Here is Mary's letter for the week!
Just as a side note - she is referring to Doug having Carpel Tunnel surgery today (everything has gone well so far - if I can just get him to lie down and relax!) and that he also tripped last week at scout camp and pulled the ligament on the bottom of his right foot, so he gets to also wear a boot for the next few weeks!!  We decided that he is truly falling apart!!
Hope you all have a great week!!

Barev Family!
I hope Dad's surgery goes ok! Dad-you need to be more careful,
especially because we all love you so much! I am constantly grateful
for the priesthood power that we have because of the gospel-how
wonderful that Josh was able to give you a blessing!  I can't believe
that the Brigham temple is almost in operation-I remember it was close, I
guess I just forgot that it would be dedicated this year!

What a blessing to have another temple so close-no matter how small!
There is truly so much power in the temple-and after feeling how the
members here crave to go to the temple-I think I will be forever
grateful that we are blessed with so many so close to us!  Even within
a 12 hour drive there are so many! Where as it's a 3 day drive from
here.  We are definitely blessed.   Sometimes I think that because
we've always had one so close that people forget how there are
thousands of people who would die to only be an hour away from a

We received some new direction from Pres. Carter this week-in the last
couple of months there have been a couple of new cities opened-one
here and one in Georgia-he gave the Elders the direction to go about
doing good, making friends, and making a good name for the church-and
to really serve the people.  After seeing what an impact it had on the
people and on our Elders-he felt to extend the same invitation to
us-so we have been trying to go about doing good-looking for more
opportunities to serve and not being as concerned with numbers.  Sis.
Tolman and I really want these people here in Artashat to know that we
really are servants of Christ and we want them to see the light that
is in us and feel the love we have for them.  We've already made more
friends and I just feel so good about it.  After all-we really are
Christ's servants, so why not do the things He would do.  We had a fun
experience-we were walking back from an appointment, we had passed a
couple of men cutting wood for the winter, offered to help-they just
laughed and said it was work for men and not for American women (we
had to laugh at that).  About 5 minutes later, we came to another
family that were splitting wood and hauling it into their
backyard-despite that it is probably extremely shameful to help with
such work, and despite that we had already been rejected once-we
offered to help-and they let us!  We helped load up wood for about an
hour and just got to know this family.  It was way neat-to literally
serve these people.  Sis. Tolman and I were just laughing through it
all, because all of the surrounding neighbors, from several houses
down the road, were sitting outside watching us.  There was this
gathering of people just staring.  But it was so great!  I feel like
if nothing else, all those people know that we want to serve them-even
if we are from America, are girls, and are wearing skirts-we want to
serve them.  I feel like we are truly becoming the Lord's hands and I
feel so blessed to be apart of this work-to have a mission president
who is inspired and receives revelation to help this work go forward.
With that-I was thinking about the scripture D&C 88:40-it talks about
light cleaving to light and virtue cleaving to virtue.  As
missionaries we are always praying that we will be led to those who
are prepared and that they too will be led to us.  I feel like as we
become more like the Savior-as we become His hands and as others see
the good in us-as they see Christ's light in us-then this scripture
will be fulfilled-as those that heed the feelings that come because of
the light of Christ that is in them-then we will be led to each other.
 That they'll see us and our light and will want to know why we have
the light we have-they will want the light we have in their lives.  I
was just remembering one of the things that Sis. Webb said when we
were preparing to sing in conference-how she said that any time we are
in a room we either add to it or detract from it.  Will you all try to
be more aware of the light that is in you and will you make an effort
to add to where you are and not detract?  I truly know this is the
Lord's work-that He wants to use us as His tools, but we too must do
our part.  He is so aware of each of us and wants us to be happy!

We sent Arminae off on Friday-she is going to be such a great little
missionary!  I'll send pictures when I get a chance.  And I'll start
putting a list together for Christmas.

I love you all!  I hope the week goes well!  Love you!

Metz sirov,

Sis Broadbent

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