Monday, October 1, 2012

Mary's Mission Letter Oct 1, 2012

Hello Family!
What a week we've had! I feel like it was pretty crazy, but now
sitting down to write, I don't feel I have that much to say!
 It sounds
like your week was good-we didn't get to watch the RS broadcast, to be
honest I didn't even know it was happening.  I don't think we'll get
to watch it, so I guess I'll wait for the Ensign. 
 I was sad and
surprised to hear about Pres. Cottle.  I hope the family is doing
ok-be sure to give Betty a hug for me. 
  I can't believe this is Joe's last primary program! He is a goof-sweet little
 That is so exciting about Brittany! It's always neat to see that
change come into people's lives.
Gayane was baptized on Saturday.  It went really well and we had some
good support from our branch.  She was so nervous to be baptized, but
when we talked to her after she said that she felt so calm and
peaceful afterwards.  She will be a wonderful addition to the branch.
We're now working with her daughter to help her also reach the waters
of baptism.  I love seeing the change that comes over people-I feel
like Gayane has made some rather noticeable changes since meeting with
us-and there's now just more of a light in her eyes.
  I was also thinking about Anik-how her demeanor has changed and she's become more
calm and confident.  I also feel there is a noticiable light in her
eyes and I just love seeing the way the gospel changes people.  I
would hope that I'm also giving place for the gospel to change me more
into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be.

Zone Conference was good-so powerful.  We actually met with all the
missionaries in Armenia (which is still so few compared to other
missions, but I love how small we are).  Pres. Carter had asked us to
go to it fasting.  It was a great experience to be all together.  We
received a lot of direction on how to be better.  It was really good
to feel and learn about the changes I need to work on to better use
the Lord's time.  As we discussed it, we talked about how we are
obedient, doing things that we need to do, but there are many little
things we could be doing better, many things we need to do to use the
Lord's time more effectively, and to become more consecrated.  I was
reminded of the quote by Pres. Benson(?) that says "When obedience
ceases to be an irritant and becomes a quest, then we are endowed with
power from on high"  It was really neat to feel the spirit work in
me-as we discussed things and as I felt more of a desire to be more
consecrated-I noticed how I began looking for those little things-that
obedience feels more like a quest instead of being content with where
I am.  I love seeing and feeling how the Lord works in our lives-how
He gives us those gentle reminders that help us come to be more
aligned with His will.  Sometimes the changes may be hard-often they
are, but they are so worth it.  Learning by example-I've learned from
you and from others-that if we'll just accept those things, work to
change, and do it with out complaint-then the Lord truly strengthens
We also received some new mission standards of excellence-goals that
will definitely require us to have faith in the Lord and completely
rely on Him.  As Pres. Carter presented them he told us "These may
seem impossible, like you can't do them.  And you can't...alone.  But
with the Lord's help you can."  I am so grateful for a wonderful
mission president! I'm grateful that he receives revelation and
direction for us!  And that he reminds us of the potential that our
Heavenly Father sees in us.
On that note-I am also very grateful for our living prophet! For our
beloved Pres. Monson.  How blessed are we that we'll hear from him
this next week!? (Or at least you will-we still have a couple weeks
after that to wait...) That we'll receive direction from him-hence
that things that Christ Himself would tell us if He were here! WOW! I
know Pres. Monson really receives revelation for the world-the things
we need to know, the things our Heavenly Father wants us to know.  I
know he, as well as the apostles are called of God-that they truly
hold His priesthood power and keys!

I love you all!  Thank you for all you do! I couldn't ask for a better family!

Love you!
Sis Broadbent

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