Monday, March 11, 2013

Mary's Mission 11 March 2013

Բարև իմ սիրելիներ-վայ, ինչքան շատ եմ սիրում ձեզ
Ես շատ բաներ ունեմ պատմելու եթե ժամանակ ունենամ, հույսով եմ:(Translation: Hello my loved ones, wow I love you so much! I have many things to tell you if I have time. I hope I do.)

It sounds like that despite the week being "normal" with nothing big going on, that there were lots of good things that happened! I am so grateful the our Heavenly Father is so good to us! So good to you! I, too, love the temple, and I agree entirely with that little girl, Mom, if I could live there, I would!  No better place to be (except Armenia of course)!
We have had anything but a normal week! I feel like we have been running around everywhere, so busy with different things! And all of it so good, with so much evidence of the hand of the Lord! We are SO blessed! With that being said, I'll just try to tell as much as I can.  Tuesday we were able to go to Alaverdi (a small city about an hour away from Vanadzor) there used to be a branch there, but it is no longer open, so it is part of our branch.  Usually the Elders go to do visits and once a month they go up and do a sacrament meeting service.  President Carter gave us permission to go, since so many of the members are sisters and it was so wonderful and humbling to see the quiet and firm faith of these precious people.  We weren't able to visit everyone with the time limitations, but it was just so sweet to hear the testimonies of these people and to be strengthened by their examples, despite that they are so far.  It is evident that the Lord has poured out many blessings on them to help them be so strong.  Some of the pictures are from the area and the members. (I'm not sure about the pictures - she must have not have attached them) Then Wednesday we had a fantastic zone training meeting where I just feel like I was so fed! I wish you could all meet the Elders and Sisters I serve with because without a doubt, I know they are the best-they are so inspired and I am constantly amazed by them and their wisdom! We talked a bit about sacrifice; I can't help but think about how the Lord always blesses us for the sacrifices that we make and how the greatest blessings are often the ones we don't expect.  What can each of you sacrifice for the Lord?  A bit of time? A bad attitude? Thoughts and desires?  Pride?  I know as we seek the Lord's direction, He will show us what each of us needs to give to Him.  He is seeking our happiness and we are only truly happy when we are becoming like Him (Alam 41: 11)
We had a very interesting experience with a new contact we met with.  We often have people ask us if we pray in tongues, but we've never actually had someone pray in tongues in one of our lessons, until now.  Our lesson with her had gone pretty well, and then at the end, after talking about prayer we asked her if she would say the closing prayer.  She agreed and began normally, it soon turned to kind of yelling, at this point, I had already felt a change in the spirit in the room.  When that part had finished, she began praying in tongues and the calm, peaceful spirit that had once been in the room was now completely gone and had been replaced with a feeling of uneasiness and darkness.  I can't begin to express exactly how grateful I am for the gift of the Holy Ghost.  I often forget how blessed we are and the feelings we feel that come from the Holy Ghost are so common that I often forget just how good they really are.  It was humbling to feel the lack of the Spirit and fortified my testimony that this Gospel, our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true! It is truly the Church of Jesus Christ!  The teachings and the spirit of the Lord testify so readily of this truthfulness!
Ձեզ շատ եմ սիրում: Անչափ շնորհակալ եմ ձեզանից:  Լավ մնացեք:  Միշտ աղոթում եմ ձեզ համար: Գիտեմ որ մեր երկնային Հայրը պահում է և պաշտպանում ձեզ:  ( I love you very much. I am so grateful for you. Stay good (this is a way to say goodbye). I always pray for you. I know that our Heavenly Father looks after and protects you.)

Love you family!!

Մեծ սիրով,(With great love)

Քույր Բրադբենթ (Sister Broadbent)
(Translation thanks to Lance Stutz who taught Mary at the MTC)

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