Monday, May 6, 2013

Mary's Mission 6 May

Barev Family!!

It sounds like your week was good! I'm glad women's conference went well! You always come back raving about it! I honestly had forgotten that it is already that time of year!  Thanks for the pictures as well-they are beautiful! Be sure to tell Jon and Jess, and Melissa and Matt congratulations! 

Where to begin?  I'm not exactly sure.  We moved out of our apartment, were in between apartments and we are now living in one of the nicest apartments I have ever seen.  Even the senior couples were jealous of it.  It's funny, because it really is great, but there is always opposition, right?  We nearly got locked in our house and locked out of it.  The door is just a beast-I guess we'll be gaining some upper body strength while we're here :) Being out of our apartment and with the other sisters for a few days was good, I feel like I was reminded of the most important things and I was reminded of how important this work is! As we went back and forth to Arabkir, I couldn't help but be grateful that we usually live right in the center of our area, especially when at the end of the week I was feeling like we were losing so much time to traveling, but the Lord is still so good to us, despite our circumstances, our imperfections, and our weaknesses.  Hasmik's baptism was amazing.  President Carter invited all the rest of her family to work towards baptism before the end of the month so that in a year from now they can be ready to go to the temple with the group that will be going.  And she bore the sweetest testimony! I wish you all could meet these people!

I don't know how we've been so blessed lately! And it's not just us! The entire mission is just flourishing!  The Lord is just so good to us-we are truly nothing without Him.  As I watch the work go forward here, I am just amazed at the goodness and greatness of it all.  The Lord is truly apart of everything! Last week during our district meeting I was overwhelmed with gratitude for our other missionaries.  We've been working with some of our investigators, feeling at a loss for what to do, and then learning from our Elders and Sisters, feeling their strength, and being uplifted by their prayers was a huge blessing.  I am amazed at their great ability to embrace and live the Christlike attributes and am humbled by their example of Christlike service.  During our meeting someone made a comment about understanding the why of getting baptized, and feeling that perhaps I had lost sight of that, I determined to study it throughout the week.  Our Heavenly Father is truly so good to us! He's given us the opportunity to show Him our willingness to do as He asks, to promise to follow Him, and He promises so many blessings in return! Not just blessings for this life, but blessings for eternity.  All by accepting the invitation to follow the example of our Savior and enter the waters of baptism.  Why is baptism so important to you?
Yesterday, we had a really neat sacrament meeting.  We had an elder here that served here 20 years ago with his wife (when the church was new in Armenia), a man that was baptized as a young boy by that elder and the man's beautiful family.  They all live in Utah now, but they came to visit the wife's family.  The first time back here in over 10 years.  They each bore testimony of the gospel and as I listened to the testimonies of them, as well as our local members, all from different walks of life, my own testimony was strengthened.  This is the church of Jesus Christ and this is the only way back to our Father.  

I love you my dear Family! You are the best! I hope and pray that as we each go forward this week that we can remember all the wonderful blessings the Lord has given us and that each of us will give our best to Him, after all, He has given His best to us.

Have a great week! Can't wait to talk with you (it's hard to believe that it's that time already!!)

Metz sirov

Quyr Broadbent

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