Monday, April 29, 2013

Mary's Mission 30 April 2013

Barev Family jan!!
Can you believe that it is already May?! Time is such an interesting things-I think I've always felt that way, but even more so now as a missionary.  I feel the Lord extends each of our days, so that each day often feels like multiple days in one, but then when the end of the week comes around or the end of the month, it feels like it has passed so quickly.  Bizarre.  I know it's all part of the Lord's plan, all in His timing.  I have felt and seen His hand time and time again.  I know this is His work.
I am so happy for Kami and Phillip and the Foulgers! I think you said it so well Mom, the temple is the best place to be! One of our members recently returned from a mission on temple square and I think for her that is the thing she misses the most-being with in the peaceful walls of the Lord's house.  We are so blessed to have so many so close!!

I can't express how blessed I feel as we have witnessed a baptism this last week and will have another one in a couple of days.  The Lord is so good to us.  We have so much more to do! Sister Ledingham and I have been feeling the need to find some families, so as we are out, we are looking for those who seem to have light with them.  It is often so sad to see people reject what we know makes such a huge difference and reject what we know is true, but I know that the Lord is preparing people here-I just feel like there is so much potential here, people are just waiting to be noticed, waiting for their chance to come to the Lord.  I was reminded this week as I read two talks from Priesthood session of the great importance of member work and how we truly can't do this work without members.  You are much more important in the work than we are.  Will you each pray to have a missionary experience every day?  Will you pray for help to follow those promptings that come?  And will you pray for direction to be where the Lord wants you to be?  I know the Lord is using you as His hands.  You are the light that brings people to the gospel.  As I read from President Monson's talk, I realized that while I may not be the member at the moment, I have a great need to be better about having diligent scripture study, planning, teaching with testimony, and serving with love.  Then as I've thought some more about the Atonement and the infinite love that Christ has for us, so much that He willingly gave His life for each of us.  While He willingly sacrificed for the world, I feel strongly that He would have willingly sacrificed if there had only been one of us.  With that in mind, I couldn't help but think about these people.  Do I love them enough?  Enough to sacrifice everything?  Would I give my life for them?  There is so much more to give-they deserve more than the best from me.

Sister Ledingham is just great! She gave an excellent suggestion for us to read the Book of Mormon together during our meals, and I love it!  I feel the Lord knew I needed it!  She is so insecure in her abilities as a missionary; I just wish she could see what I see and I'm positive what the Lord sees is so much more!  I think it's something that everyone must learn; that love and service are so much more important than how well we can or cannot form our sentences.  No matter the words we say, it's the way we love and serve that make the difference.  Will you keep her in your prayers?

Hasmik is so excited to be baptized! She has invited all of her family to come to the baptism and her husband came with her to church yesterday. And Asya was just filled with so much light when we saw her on Sunday. There is truly nothing better than the light of the gospel!
We were able to go to the genocide memorial just a couple of days after the memorial day.  There were so many flowers! It has been 98 years and yet there is still so much mourning and hurt over it.  As Branch President and I talked a little bit that day about the mourning that still goes on and the need to move forward and look to a brighter future, I couldn't help but think about how the gospel promises us that. I know the Lord wants it for them.
I love you all!! I hope your week is great!
Metz sirov,
Quyr Broadbent
Sister Ledingham and I at the Genocide memorial (those are all flowers behind us)
The group at the baptism, we had two other wonderful women baptized at the same time, and we had some great support from our branch. 

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