Monday, June 10, 2013

Mary's Mission 10 June 2013

Barev barev Family!!!!
Oh, how I love you all! I can't begin to express it!  You are the best! I hope you know and feel how much I love you!   I am also SO excited for Kami-she is already such a wondeful missionary, so I can just imagine all the great things she'll do in Wisconsin, even as a "cheesehead" :)  I love camp! I can't believe that it is already that time of year! I hope that preparations and all goes well-I'm sure it will and I am positive there will be many tender mercies with each experience.  
We had our first taste of apricots this week-I think they are better than I remembered! There is nothing to compare it to! 
So Alvard is baptized.  It's a miracle, every step.  We met with her and her brother in law, who suggested that we move up the date of her baptism.  We decided to go through all of the baptismal interview questions and wow....she is the most prepared woman I have ever met! I am so grateful for the sisters who taught her in Russia that helped her prepare for this day! I am so grateful  to have this time with her!  Her baptism was beautiful.  Her nephew, who will be going on a mission to England in a little over a month, baptized her, he was so embarrassed because it took 4 attempts before everything was right, but our wonderful President Carter shared a story about another baptism that had us all laughing and remembering how important it is for the baptism to be  done correctly.  Then as Alvard shared her testimony, she began to cry as she expressed how she knows the church is true.  She is solid and is looking forward for the day she will be sealed in the temple to her husband.  We have a couple of new investigators that we just love-Susanna and Vigen-they came to church yesterday and seemed to really enjoy it.  Susanna has a beautiful voice and picked up so quickly on the hymns (she is going to be an excellent addition to the branch) and then during our special musical number, she began to cry.  I hope and pray that she'll hold onto those feelings!  Our investigator Narine just lost her job, and while we know how hard it is, we feel it is the best, so she can come to know the Lord more and come to trust Him.  We're praying this experience will open her heart and not close it.
Sister Henriquez is so inspired! I am constantly amazed at how well she follows the spirit; she is a constant example to me.  We felt this week the need to fast together as a companionship and as we discussed what to fast, she shared a verse from Alma 17, about fasting and praying to gain a portion of the spirit, so that they could be instruments in bringing the lamanites to the Lord.  As soon as she read the scripture, I felt that is what we needed and that it was also an answer to my prayers.  There is a part in my partriarchal blessing that talks about being able to teach and bear testimony in a way that will help others understand and desire to have the gospel in their lives.  For the last several months I have thought and prayed a lot about that.  About what I needed to do and be to make this promise come to pass in my missionary work-and while I feel like the Lord has directed me in the past months to become better, I feel that the decision to specifically fast and pray for a portion of the spirit so that we can be instruments in the Lord's hands in bring His children here in Armenia to Him, was a direct answer to my prayers.  The Lord is truly aware of us.  I know it.  And I know He has it in His designs for us to succeed, for us to improve, for us to bring His children to Him and for us to become like Him.
I love you family!! Thank you for being the best! I hope all goes well this week! Have a wonderful time! 
Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent

A picture of Mary's Zone - it is half of the mission!!  Look at all those Sisters!!

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