Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mary's Mission 3 June 2013

Barev im sireliner!
We had new missionaries come this week from the MTC-I love the fire and excitement they bring with them as they are ready to jump into the work! We have two new sisters here and two more that are opening an area in Georgia!
Wow! The work of the Lord is so grand! 
I feel like this week has been full of so many great tender mercies and miracles.  First, I must say, I love all of our sisters! As I've thought of each of them and talked with each, I think Heavenly Father has given me a silver of a glimpse of the great potential we each have, and of the unique gifts we've each been given.  After spending a couple of days with our wonderful Georgian sisters, I can honestly say that the Lord has prepared them for this time! Just as He has prepared each and every one of us! This is His work and I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity I have to be serving here at this special time.  There is so much potential and so much good to be done as we prepare for our Savior's second coming.
We had a unique experience this week-I can't remember if I told you about how Sister Ledingham and I went to the hospital to support one of our members and their family, but the man they were praying for and holding onto passed away on Monday.  One of the counselors of the mission presidency is the brother-in-law to this family and he suggested that they hold all the services in our church.  I just have to express again, how grateful I am to be a part of the gospel and to know that there is so much more than just his life.  I have never seen so much mourning and grieving, with so little hope and light.  We spent a few hours each day with the family and friends and  it was so neat to  hear people express how they felt express how much light and peace there is in our church.  
The Lord has also blessed us with a miracle.  We met Alvard yesterday, one of our members' sister.  She had been taking the lessons in Russia for the last 4 months, and has read over half way through the Book of Mormon.  She is so ready to enter the waters of baptism.  As Sister Henriquez and I talked about her and the family she comes from, we talked about how they are of the House of Israel-we are so blessed to be able to build relationships with them and to learn from them all.
Yesterday, we had a unique opportunity to fast as a mission.  We gathered with our districts and ended our fast in prayer and a testimony meeting.  I had a realization that I have never noticed before.  As I sat, listening to testimonies and in silent prayer, and then as I gauged the feelings of my heart, I felt how sweet and tender the voice of the spirit has become to me.  I don't know when it changed, but when I think of how the spirit had to speak with me before my mission to get me to notice it's promptings, it was definitely more harsh.  Harsh isn't the right word, but it just took so much more for me to pay attention to the prompting.  And now, it's just different.  I feel like the spirit is my friend.  I don't know how to explain it.  I know I have much room for improvement and I know there are times I still over look those promptings, but I am so grateful that the Lord has given His guidance through the Spirit.  That He has allowed me to learn.
Sister Henriquez is my new companion.  She is wonderful.  She's from Chile and just finished serving in Artashat (she was my replacement when I was transferred to Vanazdor)  She is so dedicated to the Lord and to the work and I am learning so much from her already as she has just thrown herself into the work.  She is so solid and humble and I just love her!
I can't wait to hear more about what's going on with Josh!  :)
I'm sure Vernal was wonderful! Especially to be all together!
Thank you for your prayers and support! I know you aren't the only ones praying for me-I feel your strength and prayers! Thank you!!  Be sure to share my love with everyone! 
I love you all!! You are the best! Have a great week!

Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent

"Anything is possible with 3 people, if one of those people is God."
"We do not act for personal gain, but rather we seek to serve and to lift up others."

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