Monday, March 10, 2014

Josh's Mission - just a good letter!

Iokwe Baamle!!
It's been a pretty good week. It kind of started of slow, but we were blessed this week! first I just have to say that I love being a missionary!! I love being a member of this church and have the great privilege to share it with others!! I love being able to go to church and partake of the sacrament and feel of the spirit. Yesterday in testimony meeting a lady said that she loves the good news of the gospel! I know that this good news that we need to share with others is true!! this really is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! Joseph Smith say Heavenly Father and his Son and did translate the Book of Mormon! The Book of Mormon is the true word of God and contains the fulness of His gospel. and I know that as we share that with others that our Joy will be full.

I've been thinking about how there are different levels of joy and love. Heavenly father puts us in families and we experience great joy and feel immense love with them. We also have the joy of the gospel, the love that we feel from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Another level of that is when we help our brothers and sisters around us to feel that same love and joy that comes from living the Gospel. I just love this gospel so much and I know that it is true!
That's pretty awesome to hear that the stake camp is getting going. I can't wait to see it all! I bet the Kitchen looks great.
So Joe got braces?? I bet that is awesome! :) I remember how awkward they were, I hope that he doesn't have to have them as long as I did. but I sure am grateful that I had them and that we have a great family to help with that.
So this week has really warmed! it's been around and above 30 all week! which is just great!! E Kay and I were saying how crazy that is to say that 30 is nice weather, but compared to the negatives, it really is great!! we've been able to walk around everywhere and see people we haven't in awhile. although we weren't able to meet with everyone that we wanted to.
So, Jennie and Daniel, I don't know if you remember them, we've been teaching them for awhile now,  but they are actually in the first ward. and we are in the second ward. so we are making a transition to have them be taught by the sisters in the first ward. I really love that family and I hope that they will continue to progress towards their baptism date.
We still haven't been able to meet with Carlina, a mashallese lady who we are working with to get married. but hopefully we will this week.
We were really blessed with a new investigator this week!! her name is Jennifer, she is in her 20's, black, so humble and ready for the gospel. The first day that we knocked on her door, when we asked her if she wanted to learn about Christ, she said that she had been talking to her brother about that earlier and really wants to change her life and have Christ in her life. She told that she was a little freaked out when we knocked on her door, because it was like God heard her. Which I know that He did. She is very prepared and I pray that she will progress and make those necessary changes.
I am so very grateful for this gospel!! and for such a wonderful family!! thank you so much for everything!! thank you for your love, prayers, and support. I love you so much!! and I pray that all will be well.
ej iokwe kom!!
Elder Broadbent

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