Monday, March 3, 2014

Josh's Mission 3 March 2014

I have to tell you that it is so great to have a wonderful family that it in full faith with the gospel and to feel your love, support, and the great spirit from you , is just so wonderful. This week I've really realized how much family means to me and how grateful I am for such a great family!  thank you so much for everything!! I am truly grateful to heavenly Father for blessing me so much!! I know that family is so important!! it is truly the fundamental unit of the gospel. it's hard to have a strong foundation in the church with out a strong family. It is absolutely possible to be a great member of Christ's church with out the fundamental family unit, but it is much harder. I am eternally grateful that we have a gospel centered family.
So this week was kind of weird, but went by really fast. we had a couple days where the weather was pretty bad so we couldn't drive and then we had about 2 days where we couldn't go outside at all because it was too cold and snowing really bad. we also had zone conference. so we essentially had 4 days where we couldn't really do a whole lot. Fortunately Heavenly Father blessed us so much!!!
We had some great lessons with members this week and with less actives as well. we were also able to meet with Daniel and Jenny this week and we are now teaching their whole family, they have 4 kids, but we are still trying to help them get married.
Unfortunately we weren't really able to see many of our investigators this week so we are really going to try hard this week to see everybody.
Zone conference was great!!! it's about 3.5 hours down to Nauvoo, so a way long drive with 4 elders in the car. but once we got down there it was just a spiritual high all day long. We had great trainings by President's Assistants on Finishing. They focused on working hard all day for your whole mission, so that we don't waste any time. I also got thinking about how that should apply to the rest of my life. We are all disciples of Christ, when we were baptized we covenanted with Him that we would take His name upon us and Keep His commandments. It's so important that we share the Gospel at all times, in all places. I really love what pres Uchtdorf says "At all times preach the gospel, and sometimes use words." being an example and serving others is one of the best ways that we can share the gospel.
President talked about a lot of things. One thing that really stuck out to me though is that we need to do everything that we can to help people understand the importance of the gospel and living the commandments. Heavenly Father has given us commandments because he loves us and really does know what is best for us. Even though the world accepts things that are wrong and right, that doesn't mean that they are. We are truly living in the last days, in a time prophesied of. now more than ever people are accepting the bad and dis disregarding the good. We need to stay strong. Hold to the Iron rod. keep our testimony growing by doing the simple things: going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures.
We also had Stake conference this weekend. that was really great!!! we had Elder Spackmen come. He is really great!!! he loves to talk. something that I was thinking about is that it always seems like the general authorities have so many stories to tell. It makes me wonder how much in my life to I disregard or not think about that is really a lesson that I should learn from or a blessing from Heavenly father.
Oh, I almost for got sister jensen talked about coming closer to Christ and serving others and told us how we can have the most JOY. it's to put Jesus first, the Others, and then You. I really like that.
Again thank you so much family for everything that you do!!! I love you so much!!
ej iokwe eok
Elder Broadbent
PS here are a couple of pictures from Nauvoo. Me and E Kay and our District

And this past Wednesday I had the best text ever!  I didn't recognize the phone number but I did recognize one of the people in the picture - Josh!
This is Elder B, Elder Kay and the Hayes children.  

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