Monday, April 14, 2014

Josh's Mission April 14, 2014

Iokwe Baamle!!!!
What a great week!!!! We were very blessed! We saw so many miracles!
So we've been staying really close to Cindy (her baptism is on Sunday), she is doing great on not smoking! and is very excited for her baptism!! Her dad is going to come up from Kentucky I think to baptise her. She is going to be interviewed finally, this week. It's been so great to see the miracles and blessings that have been happening with her. We gave her a blessing and she has had pretty much no desire to smoke since. She has been really stressing with her job and her family though, Satan is working very hard on her, but she is staying strong and is so ready for baptism.
 Mandy (her baptism is on the 26th) is doing great too!! We had a great lesson with her this week about temples. She has been really stressed with work, school, and her family and Satan is working so hard on her. She has been really down, because she realizes that she needs to read from the book of mormon, but hasn't been every day. It's so amazing how well Satan knows us and our weaknesses. He works so hard on us to make us doubt our selves and have fear. and it's interesting how people go through different things so differently. It's really like the analogy that there is only one gate that we can enter in by to receive salvation. We all have different ways of getting there but we have to decide whether or not to enter in that straight and narrow gate and follow the iron rod. After we talked to Mandy, she has a stronger resolve than ever to do what is right. She is going to North Dakota this weekend to visit her mom and talk to her about her baptism. She is so prepared and very ready and willing to do what is necessary for baptism.
We were also blessed with a new investigator this week! His name is Chuck. He's 14 years old and loves to learn about the gospel. We met him on exchanges with the elders in our district. when we knocked on his door and started talking to him, we realized that we had to go, because we had a dinner appointment. So we gave him a pamphlet and told him that we would be back in about and hour. When we came back, he had read more than half the pamphlet and had so many questions to ask. He has been through a lot in the last while, he lost his dad to lung cancer and has turned to Heavenly Father for help. He is really awesome!! and we're super excited to teach him.

I am so excited for Easter!! I've been thinking about a scripture in Mormon 7:5-7 and Moroni 7: 45-48. I think that they are perfect for easter! the one in Mormon talks about the resurrection and how because of what Christ went through we can have eternal life and happiness for ever. We shared that one with a lady who has some mental problems, and she told us that she didn't want to hear that right now, that she is going through things that are too hard for that to be true, but it is true!! Christ knows each of us perfectly and because he suffered for us we can be happy for ever! it just struck me, that we do need this wonderful message that Christ loves us, even if we don't think that we do.
The one in Moroni talks about charity, and how important it is to have love for everyone. and that we should pray to have charity! with easter, it also reminds me of this great bible video online at called "he is risen". The easter message is so great! I know that Christ lives and that He truly is risen!! I know that He loves us all and that He knows how to help us with anything and wants to help us as long as we go to him. It's so important to share this message with everyone and pray to have the charity for our brothers and sisters that we will share it with them. Easter is a great time to again refocus on Christ! I know that my Redeemer lives and that he loves us!
Thank you all so much for your love, your support, and especially your prays!!!
ij iokwe eok 
Elder Broadbent

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