Monday, July 28, 2014

Josh's mission July 28 2014

iokwe baamle!!

that's great that you had the missionaries over! You are the best! I know that they really appreciate it!

Yeah, I've been driving since I've been here. We sure did have a lot of fun! That was when we went up to Des Moines. So, we got transfer doctrine today. Elder Blackburn and elder Allred will be leaving. I'm sad to see them go, but I'm happy for the great times that we've had. I've learned so much from them! They are both really great elders! So, I am staying and I will be training a new elder! I'm super excited but nervous. I just hope and pray that Heavenly Father will help me to do what is right.

The temple was really great! I loved the new temple video! It is the one with the peter in the bible videos as peter. It was great! I like to see the different personalities that everybody brings to it. I realized again just how wonderful the temple is and how much I missed it. I wish that we could have stayed there for longer, but we had to go to the pageant, which was pretty great as well!

It was as really great performance, and the spirit was very strong. I love hearing about he things that our ancestors did and went through, they are great examples. It was really awesome, when we first got there, the bagpipes where right out in front so of course I stopped and listened. And this guy comes up to me and starts speaking Marshallese, it took a sec, but I responded and then we got talking about how he served his mission in the marshal Islands in the 80's and everything. It was a great tender mercy, I've been thinking a lot about the Marshallese people and how I should start practicing more. But then to make it even better, one of the Marshallese elders that I served around, was there at the pageant, so I went and found him and all three of talked for awhile, mostly I just listened and tried to understand what they were saying.

then after the pageant was over I went and talked to some of the drummers that played with the pipes and some of them know Ryan Bell, we talked for a bit about drumming and stuff. It was just really cool :) I miss all of that, it is a awesome blessing to have those talents.

We weren't able to really visit too much of Nauvoo itself, we didn't have very much time. Unfortunately we could spend all day down there, I wish we could have though.  

Isaac is doing really well. He was able to come to church yesterday and really enjoyed it! He said that he got Sunday's off, so he is going to come to church all the time. We are also meeting with him on Thursday. We also got 2 new investigators. Tristin Snook, is the son of a recent convert Cindy Snook and his girlfriend, Lucy is really great! They both are very interested in the gospel. tristin said that he was almost baptized and would like to look more into it. Lucy is really great too! She's gone to a couple different churches and is interesting in the Book of Mormon which she's never seen before.

I love you all!! thank you so much for all that you do for me and the Lord! Thank you so much for your prayer, love, and support!

Kajoor ilo Christ
ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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