Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iokwe Baamle!!
That sounds really great! Shish Ka bob, I miss that. i was thinking about vernal the other day, but I can't remember why right now. Oh and I told the story about the pine trees in the city that is close to that (he's talking about Heber, where Grandpa Broadbent helped plant pine trees around the city county building when he was little, with his Dad), in priesthood yesterday. We were talking about the Legacy of faith that we are leaving, and that came to mind. I really love how our family has such a great legacy, it really helps with people out here who are mostly 1st generation converts. it helps to talk about how we often don't know the impact that we have on people and rarely will we see really the influence that we have on people. I am so grateful for the wonderful family that we are blessed with. It really just amazes me. I think that I've really come to appreciate what a good family really means and the hard work that it can take. I was thinking yesterday about all the great lessons that you and dad taught all of us. One that just came to mind is working in the garden and on the house. there was a lady at church yesterday that was talking about how she just doesn't have time to do a garden. I sure am glad that you took the time to have us work on planting and weeding and everything like that. It was just a lot of fun and it really helps me to realize all the blessings that come from working. thank you!

Is everyone getting excited for the temple dedication? isn't that coming up pretty soon?
this past week was really good! A lot of blessings and miracles and also surprises that we didn't really expect. So, I guess to start off, reindeer meat is delicious. :) also elk bacon is pretty great. Combine all that into an omelet, add some ranch and hot sauce and you've got a great breakfast! Some members, who moved here from Alaska and had all that meat, fed us breakfast! it was really great! then they gave us a bunch of fish and other great stuff, oh and tamales! :) really a huge blessing.
Lets see on thurdays we went up to Des Moines and had a really great meeting with all of the missionaries who are training in the area. Just a couple of things that I really liked that President Jensen and the assistants talked about: the mission is just a preparation for the rest of eternity. Elder Holland said that his mission meant the world and more to him and the it prepared him and everything that he learned on the mission has helped with his life. President also talked about how being on a mission allows heavenly father to bless so many people. being on a mission and serving Heavenly father will bless our families, the people we come in contact and ourselves, more than anything else that we could be doing. there are so many people that have very important missions, that heavenly Father has for them. there is a member here that was only on his mission for about a month and a half. He said that he just had a really strong feeling that he needed to go home. he didn't want to but heavenly father told him that his mission was for a different purpose. So he went home. He found out a little while later that he had cancer and had to go through treatment, and he also found out that his mom had cancer, which she passed away from about a year ago now. But always tells us that we have no idea that impact we have one people and that we are where we are for a reason. Everything Happens for a Reason!!
Also, this week we were really blessed with 2 new investigators!! Alyssa is a former that was taught by some sister missionaries that served in Pella about a year ago. She is really great!! and is really excited and ready to make changes in her life. it was a really huge miracle that we found her actually. because she had moved from her address that we had. While we are finding, we knocked on her door and were finally able to meet with her this week (we found her when Elder Blackburn was here).
Well a little update on Isaac. He is moving in the middle of September to Las Vegas. He also told us this week that he doesn't believe in God. he said that because of his experiences he just can't accept that God is there. but he still wants to come to church and learn. we know that Heavenly father is preparing him to accept the gospel and he has really felt the love of the members here. So when he moves to Vegas, we'll send some missionaries to him.
thank you so much for everything that you do!! I can't tell you enough how much i appreciate your love, support and prayers!! I know that the lord works in his own time and that everything happens for a reason. And as we actively exercise our faith, he will lead us to do his will. 

Oh and if you haven't seen this, you should really check it out. Elder Bednar gave a really great talk about the use of social media and a lot of other really great things. You should really check it out!!

Kajoor ilo Christ
ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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