Thursday, February 12, 2015

Josh's Mission Feb 2 2015

Dear Family, 

that's so good to hear that you got all the pictures. yeah, we've had a lot of people lately offer to send pictures of us to our families. We're super grateful. 

(these are the pictures that were sent - from 2 different people on the 3 different days during the week - it was great to get them!
A group of missionaries sending off one of the sisters.

Elder B, Elder Roberts and Elder Porter

Elder B and Elder Porter  - loving comps

The threesome is going pretty well, it's a lot more coordination and trying to keep track of everything that we need to do, but it's all working out. Yeah, they really do look just like brothers! We all have a good time together, just working hard and having fun. it's been a huge blessing to have elder Elder Roberts with us. It snowed so much! probably close to to 8 inches, and it's getting really cold. Yesterday we didn't have church because of the snow and we weren't allowed to drive, and then today we aren't able to walk outside, but we can drive so that's good. 

that sounds really great that there is a GA coming for stake conference, I can imagine that it's really stressful though. that's really good that things are going alright for uncle dave and and aunt ruth, I didn't know that they are welling there house, that's a pretty big change, but good I'm sure. and that's awesome that Jonathan is getting a new job!

Like I said it's been a good week, we've been trying to coordinate better and use our time better. I forget how much I told you, but because we have to go back and forth between two areas, there is a lot that can be forgotten, especially with me because I seem to forget everything, but it's been working out really well. It's been really great to see how much the Lord is blessing us as we just try to work hard and work smart. this week we also had a meeting with our whole zone, which was really great!

We talked a lot about the need to simplify our lives, and organize our selves. which reminds me of a scripture in D&C 88:74 commandment that you assemble yourselves together,anorganize yourselves, and prepare yourselves, and sanctify yourselves; yea, purify your hearts, and cleanse your hands and your feet before me, that may make you clean;

we also talked about the need to just return back to the basics. It's with the basic principles of the gospel that we really grow and strength our testimony. There is a really great Mormon Message called Easily Guided which talks about this.

Something that I also learned and gained a greater appreciation for is the Spirit of the Holy Ghost. I love Chapter 4 of PMG, which is all about listening and recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I know that it's so important that we understand how the Holy Ghost works for us. I know that heavenly father loves us and that he wants us to be happy.

Thank you so much for everything that you do! I love you so much and I am so grateful for your love, support, and especially your prayers. thank you! I love you!
ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

This last picture sent from Elder B - what snow!!

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