Monday, April 6, 2015

Josh's Mission April 6 2015

-----I love that this sweet little brother was so excited to see his big sister during conference!  And even so excited that he took pictures and sent them back home to make sure we saw them!!  Cute son!
And a note about the rock pile - Josh didn't mention this but this is actually a good reproduction of what the Iqualuite Indians do in upper Canada where Kris served.  I am impressed and surprised that Josh would get the image so accurately.

Hello family and happy post Easter Monday!!

it has really been a wonderful week! We've seen so much happen this week, it's been great weather, we had a wonderful conference and I don't know how it went by so fast!! So, first, this might be a shorter email, we don't have a lot of time but I'll try to tell everything that I can remember happening and especially the great things that we learned and felt at conference.

So this coming thrusday is transfers and I will be leaving North Liberty, getting transferred to probably my last area (not sure where or with who yet, but I'll let ya know next week). Elder Parry will be staying and finishing his mission here. We're both really sad that we aren't staying together, it's been such a great transfer with him!! I've learned tons and developed a great friendship with him, but life goes onward and upward.

This week we were really blessed to teach a few really awesome people that I want to tell ya about. On Monday we taught Steve, who is a nonmember friend of a really great RM here, David. We had a lesson with him on Friday as well and it was really cool to see him already start to accept the gospel into his life. He also watched a few sessions of conference, which is super great!!! He is a really great guy, he told us that he is already starting to feel like Joseph Smith is a prophet. I'm excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for him.

Then we found this awesome family from India! it was really amazing, we'd been out finding pretty much all day and nothing was really going on. we talked to a couple of Indian kids and then went and knocked on this door that was open. a man answered and told us to come right in. He was very welcoming. he told us that his name was Manuel and his wife, Sri, were from India. He then showed him the #BecauseHeLives Video, which was super powerful. they then allowed us to teach them the restoration and we invited them to conference (they we're able to come unfortunately). we went back a few days later and they asked us if we had programs for younger kids and summer programs. it was really a sweet miracle to find them!

Then Conference week end!! WOW!! it was so amazing!!! I really wish that I could remember everything that I felt and learned, I also hope that I'll be able to read my notes... but I'm really glad that we can review the talks online anytime.

I felt like this conference had a lot of weight behind it, for me personally anyways. it was very powerful to hear each and every speaker testify lovingly and boldly that Christ is our Savior. A few things that I took away from it personally is that I need to be a little better than I am right now. I need to make the changes right now that will make the biggest differences for eternity. it was really amazing how great an emphasis was put upon strengthening the family. and Just how much every talk focused on the need to really and actually come closer to Christ. I know that is the most important thing that we can do is to repent and come closer to Christ and especially to help others to do the same.

so to respond to your email :)

too old to hunt for easter eggs?? no way! that's so much fun!! :)

yeah, there are a few really great shots of Mary and chad (chad is a good friend of Josh's and is from our home ward) too. :) it was really awesome to see them!! We were at a members house watching it and I got really excited every time I could see Mary :)

that's super awesome that Jeremy and Laurne had another baby!! congrats!! I hope all is well :)

Well, family just know that I do Love you!! I am so grateful again and always for your love and I really can't put into words how much I appreciate your support and prayers. I hope and pray all is well :)
ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

ps just a couple of pictures. We did service and there was a pile of rocks that I couldn't resist making something out of.
also a pic of mary singing conference.

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