Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Josh's Mission March 30 2015

Hello Family!!

it looks like you had a great time with Camryn!! like I said, she is getting so big!! It's so crazy, and it sounds like you had a really good time too. :) I can't believe that Jaylee is that big either, wow :) 

that is so awesome for Austin!!! That's super exciting!! :) tell him good luck from me :)

wow, that's really awesome that there was a baptism in the ward :) it sounds like it was quite the event :) but hopefully everything goes well for Lane :) he sounds like a good kid. He'll definitely help his family a lot :) 

women's conference sounds really great!! I'm gonna have to watch it for sure. it's so true that when we keep ourselves full with living the simple principles of the gospel that we are able to stay strong against the powers of Satan. And I really like that statement from sister Oscarson, that's really powerful and important to remember that our first responsibility is to the Lord, and then to everything else. 

I'll definitely look out for Mary in conference! Good luck in singing!! 

thank you so much!! I was thinking when you said that last bit, that I just normally share things that I have learned, and that I hope others can learn from as well. I definitely know that I'm very weak and there are lots of things that I need to work on. that was a huge focus for me this week. It's a very interesting feeling only having 6 months left. it's a very long time to keep working hard, but it's also very short! and if it goes as fast as the rest of my mission has, then it'll go by way to quickly.  it's really amazing actually that the Lord has blessed me so much with this time to serve Him, and that was just very apparent to me this week.

So much has happened this week I'm not really sure where to begin. We were really blessed to find a few more people to teach this week. We are seeing so many miracles throughout the zone as well!! Yesterday there was 2 baptisms in our ward that the sister missionaries here helped with. The baptisms were for G and K, both spanish people, members of the same family but different houses. they are both super awesome and the service was really great!! it was totally in Spanish, so I didn't understand a lot of the words, but I definitely understood the spirit :) it was really powerful.

Then this week as well, we got to spend the day with some elders in our zone. Elder B (the elder that I was with) and I taught this awesome couple from Chicago that they found last week. they are so accepting and humble. they want to get married and will be next week. they are going to be baptized really soon as well, they are just very open and accepting. :) it's really amazing to see the success of the Lord. and we also taught this guy named R. He will be baptized next week as well, so that's really exciting!! He's been taught for awhile and finally committed to doing everything that he needs to, to live the Lord's commandments and the Heavenly Father is really blessing him, it's such a miracle to see him change and see the Elders work with him.

Just a couple more things: on Thursday we went and gave a blessing to a little baby in the hospital. it was so amazing! especially because it was someone that I knew from Dubuque. :) she is the daughter of a Marshallese couple that I knew, she was born early, and so we got to give her a blessing. it was really amazing, the veil can be really thin around Heavenly father's precious little Children. it was an amazing experience!!

I've also been reminded this week that I can not do anything alone. Heavenly father helped me to realize and reminded me that I need to rely on the Savior, and those that he has placed around me, for support and help. it's so easy for me to think that I can just do anything by my self, but I defnitely know that it is only with the Savior and the love, joy and peace that come from living the gospel through the feelings of the holy Ghost that I am able to do anything. 

I just want to thank you all for your love, support, and especially your prayers. it means everything to me to know that we are all in this world together. I know that Heavenly father loves each of individually. I know that the Prophets and apostles are men of God and I can't wait to hear their words. I love you and I hope and prayer that all is well.
ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

 you probably have seen this already but I thought that I should add it. 
#BecauseHeLives is such a wonderful video. make sure to check it out and to share it with everyone!!

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