Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Josh's Mission May 18 2015

Hello family!!

it's been a really wonderful week! we've been a lot of blessings from the Lord! it's so wonderful to be in His service. 

Yesterday in Church I was thinking a lot about the experience that Joseph Smith had when he was in Liberty jail and especially when the Lord tells him in d&c 122 that  "if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good."  

that is really powerful! I was thinking that when this happens we need to open our hearts, and allow the spirit of the Holy Ghost to enter in to our souls, and everything will work out. we have no need to fear! I know that the Lord has us in His hands and that He truly takes care of us. It also reminds me of when the Lord strengthens the people of Limhi in Mosiah, as they are faithful and remember the Lord. I was also thinking a lot about how when the Lord asks us to do something, to serve others, it's because we need to be doing good, not nesicarily that we are doing bad, just that He needs us to do more. He knows what is best and He has a plan of us and all of His children. there is a great mormon message about this as well that just came out, definitely check it out

That's really great mom that you are seeing all of the tender mercies that are around us. sometimes I struggle with that as well, it takes a constant effort to look for, seek for if you will, the blessings that are all around us. thank you for the rememinder of how important it is to always look for them. :) you are a wonderful example to me, and I can't express enough how much I appreciate your love and example. :) 

So I guess just quick update on our investigators:
the Marston's are doing so good!! they are such a great family!! we talked about baptism and expectations and also the Word of Wisdom this week with them. they are so willing to just follow the Lord in everything that they do, they are trying harder to do what is right. they're wonderful :) they're very excited for their baptism in June

Collin is doing a lot better this week! pretty much since I've been here, it's been a struggle to get him to pray and read the scriptures. but something has changed for him, he's really really excited for his baptism on the 30th :) it'll be so great!! 

it's so true that there are tender mercies all around us. I know that the Lord provides everything for us. I know that when we are faithful and struggle to do what the Lord would have us that everything will work out just the way that he needs. sometimes it's hard to see that (for me at least) but I know that he loves us and that he truly is our Savior. 

thank you so much for everything!! thank you for your prayers and support. I love you!!!
ij iokwe eok!!
Je teaime beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

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