Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Josh's Mission July 20 2015

Hello family!! 

the computer I am using is being very slow, so this will probably be a short one.

It has been a wonderful week!! We've been seeing many miracles all around us, the pageant is wonderful!! the weather has been crazy (blazing hot one second and tornadoes the next) but it has been great!! 

This week we had a meeting with all the missionaries in the Nauvoo and Iowa City Stakes, about 90 missionaries, which elder Wardle and I had the opportunity to give a training at. we talked a lot about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and going to church to receive revelation. it was great! after this meeting was over, the main cast from the Nauvoo Pageant came into the chapel and did a small presentation on what the early apostles did to prepare for their missions and how their missions went. It was so powerful!! The spirit was so strong the whole time, it really amazed me how these men and women did all the could, gave everything they had to the work of the Lord, even though they had so many hard things to go through. 

We also went down to the pageant this week with Collin Smith, the young child who was baptized a couple of weeks ago. it was great! he loved it and had a lot of fun. 

well, I love you all thank you so much for everything!! I am so grateful, every day I marvel and thank heavenly father for our wonderful family and for the gospel of Jesus Christ that we have in our lives! It's a blessing and great responsibility we have to help all those around us to feel of God's love as we have. 

I hope and pray that all is well!! I love you! 
ij iokwe eok!! 
Merci beaucoup 
Elder Broadbent 

Josh didn't name the pictures in his email - the Sunset is of the Statue of Joseph and Hyrum looking across the Mississippi. 
The picture with the car gauges is indicating how hot it was that day! 
The last picture is the Nauvoo Temple

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