Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Josh's Mission July 27 2015

Hello Family!

it has been a wonderful week! These weeks of the Pageant have been so wonderful! but they've all kind of smushed together... everything seems to be the same and yet there are wonderful times every week were we see so many miracles :) 

a huge miracle that happened this week was a 10 year old child named Quwinell was baptized in Hamilton this week. He has been taught by missionaries for a long time! and just recently his mom (who is a member but less active) , who lives in Colorado gave permission for him to be baptized. it's taken a lot from the elders there to help him and his family see the importance of his baptism, but it finally all cam together. He was living with his grandparents here, who are members, and he is now going back to live with his mom. It was really awesome! 

We've been working with Eric Watson for awhile now, and he was on date for Aug 8th, but he has to quit smoking first, so we are trying to help him do that. and we've been trying to find more people that are willing and committed to progressing and repenting, it's been kind slow going but recently the Lord has blessed us with a few people who are really wonderful!

So at the Pageant this week on Saturday, while trying to talk with people who were there, we talked to this guy who is the supervisor over the stage missionaries. He helps out with all the stage crew people and does a lot of the maintenance and things like that, especially during the performances and things. anyways, he talked a lot about the great opportunities there are to serve in the Pageant, and he was pretty convincing, I would love to come back and perform in the Pageant, help out with it, and definitely come play in the bagpipe band :) so while we were talking to him, he mentioned that we could go in the back of the stage and watch how everything operates. it was so awesome!! there are pullies everywhere, counter weights for all the moving parts and just so much going on. it looked like a lot of fun work. :) yeah, elder Wardle and I were pretty excited about it all :)

oh yeah, and we were on exchanges down in Keokuk this week and I met this member Gary Mason, who called you :) that was pretty awesome! He was teasing me while on the phone, he's a really cool guy though :) we were helping this lady move into an apartment and Brother Mason had some furniture for her. so we grabbed our truck and loaded it all up.

right, sister Abby Froerer emailed me a picture of that. :) that's pretty awesome! I remember telling her to look for you :) it's awesome to have a mom who everyone in the Ogden area can go visit

that's really awesome about all the good news!! there is an elder here from Court e lain. that's good that Kris got a job!! and I have been wanting to go see that wall as well. I remember going to see it 

thank you so much for everything!! i love you and I hope and pray that all is well!! 
ij iokwe eok!!
Merci beaucoup
Elder Broadbent

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