Monday, July 9, 2012

Mary's Mission Letter July 9 2012

Barev family!

It sounds like you had a fanastic week at trek! It was so wonderful to
read and feel the spirit of the trek and to hear about all the
miracles!  It reminded me of Mormon 9 (maybe Moroni?) where it talks
about how God will always be a God of miracles, so long as we have
faith.  What an awesome promise!  And it just shows even more how much
our Heavenly Father really loves us and wants to bless us!

I had written out all my email and was getting ready to send it when
my computer shut off and everything is now gone.  I don't really have
time to write it all again, but I'll get in what I can.

Anik and Mary (did I tell you about them last week?  The family we're
teaching?) are doing ok-Anik was supposed to come to church yesterday;
we had it all worked out for her to come with a member and she was so
excited-and then she didn't come.  We were both SO disappointed! As a
result and because I had been studying about the traits of our
Heavenly Father and our relationship with Him-I was thinking about how
truly great He is!  The immense love He has for us!  While agency can
be so frustrating-it is a wonderful gift, and shows so well how our
Heavenly Father really loves us!  I can only imagine how He wants so
badly for us to choose to follow Him, but whether or not we do, He is
always waiting with love for us to choose Him and come to Him.  I love
this little quote by Elder Koeliker, "I am confident that our Heavenly
Father's arms are constantly extended, ever ready to embrace each one
of us and say to each one with that quiet, piercing voice, 'I love
you'."  He wants so badly for us to come back to Him, to have all He
has, and to become like Him-to really have the fullness of joy He has.
 How can we gain all He has and become like Him if we don't know who
He is?

As I studied about it, I naturally was led to think about Christ and
His Atonement-this next week I want to study more about it and how I
can better apply the Atonement in my life.  Will you all study it with
me?  I'd love to hear what you learn.

Sorry it's so short! I love you all!  I am grateful beyond all measure
for your constant love and support.  I am so grateful for your
wonderful examples and for the strength I feel from you!
I love you!  Hope you have a good week!

Love, Sis Broadbent

Many of you have asked how to send Mary a package - this is what the mission secretary sent us, so if you would like to try... she would love it~

- MAILING PACKAGES.  The mail system here is sometimes unreliable and can become expensive and complicated if you use carriers other than the regular UK or US Postal Service.  Please DO NOT send mail via UPS, FedEX or DHL.  If your missionary does receive mail from these carriers, it will be their responsibility to pay all fees, which can easily be several hundred dollars.  Nothing should be valued for more than $100 and if you insure it, it will most likely get stuck in customs, and can be charged as much as it is insured to get it out.

Most packages arrive here but some do not.  I have seen mail arrive as quickly as a couple of weeks or as long as four months.  There is no need to put "Jesus stickers" or write "religious material" on the packages.  Just send them using  (UK) or US POSTAL SERVICE.  Priority Mail seems to be a little faster.


Missionary Name

Vratsakan #5

Yerevan, Armenia 0051

This address is the Mission Office and is to be used for all missionaries in Armenia and Georgia.

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