Monday, July 30, 2012

Letter July 30 2012 and pictures

Barev marev Family!

This picture is from our mission conference when Elder Schwitzer and Bishop Stevenson came-this was all the missionaries in the mission-now there are a few more, but this is pretty much all of us.  If I remember right, I told you about when they came.

One of the pictures is a view from a member's apartment-it's just a bit of the city.

The one of the car-it's probably weird that I sent it, but I love it, because almost everyone who owns a car in Armenia own a car that looks like this.  Ba-I just love it.

Another is just a picture of one of the streets here in Artashat-a lot of the streets are like this, dirt roads, lined with trees and house-its a pretty typical look.

I think I'm just going to try and send pictures today-we didn't have a very eventful week, it was pretty normal.  Hot, but good.  I studied a bit about charity-I always feel like I lack in my love for the people, especially when I start to notice how I'm finding all the things about Armenians that tend to be so frustrating.  But I love the people-I just want to see more of the good, and feel more of that Christlike love towards them.  I read a talk that Pres. Uchtdorf gave a few conferences ago-it mostly was talking about hope, but I love the connection it made to charity and faith.  I've always wondered why they are always connected, so it was good to understand a bit better the connection they have.  He says "The stronger our hope, the purer our charity.....The things we hope for lead us to faith, while the things we hope in lead us to charity."  So I was thinking about the things we hope IN, so I could better understand charity-here's just a few things I came up with-we hope in Jesus the Christ, the goodness of God, manifestations of the Spirit, our knowledge that prayers are heard and answered.  So why does hope in these things lead us to charity?  I think as we taste of those things, as we experience them and then hope in them-that we'll again experience and taste God's love-then we know what God's love feels like and we have a desire to love and serve God.  As we feel that way toward God, we naturally begin to feel that way towards others and we begin feeling the "pure love of Christ."  One thing from the True to the Faith book that I really liked "Strive to love as He loves, with unfailing compassion, patience, and mercy."  I just was thinking how charity NEVER tears down, it always seeks to build others-after all, isn't that the example we see in Christ?  I feel so blessed that I have tasted of Christ's pure love, however inadequate I feel, or how little I may really have tasted of it-I have tasted it!  What a blessing that we have the gospel! I truly know that Christ is our Savior, that He gave His life for us, so that we have the opportunity to be enfolded in His arms of love again!  

Will you all think about the experiences you've had feeling Christ's pure love?  Think about how you've felt, and will you strive to feel that kind of love towards others?  Will you share a taste of that love with others by testifying of Christ and sharing His love with those who have never tasted of it or those who have forgotton what it feels like to be enfolded in His arms?

I love you all!  I hope you have a great week and that everything is well!

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More pictures to come...

A couple of these pictures are from when we went to Geghard and Garni with our zone-I don't remember if I told you about that-the one of just the church is Geghard. Then there are a couple of me and Sis. Tolman-one is us near Khorvirap.  The last picture is me with Anik, Mary, and Norik.  Anik is the one we are seriously teaching right now.  I love this family SO much!  We were hoping Anik would come to church, but they ended up having some house work to do :( We had even just taught about keeping the Sabbath day holy :( If everything goes well, she'll be baptized towards the end of August-if she'll come to church....

Anyway-I love you all!

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