Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Barev im sireli untanik!

Happy New Year!! I can't believe this year is over!! Wow! Time sure flies! How good the Lord has been to us this year!  We are so blessed!  It was wonderful to talk with you all! To see all of your faces and to feel your love! I couldn't be more grateful to have the technology we have, where I felt like I was merely down the block, instead of clear across the world.  Just great! I am so happy to hear that you finally got some snow!  The snow we had, has mostly melted (again), and it's just cold again.  Perhaps this will be our cycle for the whole winter.  I guess we'll see.  That is so exciting for the Butterfields! I'm sure they will do just great! Send them my love!  It is so exciting to hear about those new, younger missionaries! I know the Lord has prepared a great work for them! It's opened up the way for us to get some sisters into Georgia!  So big!  The Lord's work is so great! 

What a good week-everyone is running around, busily, making preparations for the holidays-we learned from one of our members how to make tolma-a traditional Armenian food (it is my favorite...).  From my observations, the New Year is more just a celebration, a reason to get together with family and friends, to party a bit-not really for resolutions.  It's fun to see everyone so excited about something.  I've been told that tonight there will be a huge explosion of fireworks...I guess we'll see :)

I forgot to tell you, Elder Wood is also in Vanadzor! (Elder Wood is from North Ogden - his father is Weber High's Choral Director) We have some fun little connections in our district!  The picture is from our Christmas party last week, Sis. Nelsen and me.

We went down to Yerevan twice this last week-once for the Christmas party and once for a training meeting with the new missionaries-I feel like I was the one who needed all the training, not the new missionaries!  It is always wonderful to be taught by our leaders! President and Sister Carter are truly wonderful! There was just a thought I want to share, that I feel like is very applicable to all of us.  One idea that was shared was to just stop by our investigators' and members' homes, with a little note, a little treat, or just to say hi, to let them know we are thinking about them constantly.  I'm positive that no matter where we are, there are always people who need a little extra lift, who just need to know we are thinking about them.  Next time you think about someone, will you let them know you thought about them? Whether you call, write a note, stop by, or whatever it is, will you let them know?  

I love you all Family!  I hope you have a fantastic week, and a happy and safe new year!

Love you!

Metz Sirov,

Quyr Broadbent

Pictures from a package Mary sent for Christmas -
Mary & Sister Beal

Mary, Armine, Ani (who just left to serve a mission in England) and Sister Beal

Elder & Sis Griffiths (from North Ogden), Sister Beal, Mary and an investigator
A beautiful fall day - Sister Beal and Mary

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