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Mary - Jan 21, 2013

Barev my family jan!
I am absolutely positive that both Callee and Chad did fantastic! I can just imagine it....Especially knowing the two of them!  Send them my love and let them know that I know they are going to be the best missionaries in their missions.  I'll be praying for Brian and Becky-I know the Lord is guiding them and that all will be well!  

We had a great training meeting Saturday with all of the missionaries in Armenia.  I was reminded once again how there is so much more to do-to become.  There is lots of room for improvement!  Always, right?

Just as there is always room for improvement-there is always room for more in the Kingdom.  There can never be too many apart of what we have.  And the Lord expects us to bring His children back to Him. 
Tereza's baptism was wonderful! We had so much support from the branch!  And had a couple of our investigators come-they all loved it!  She was afraid of the actual going under the water part, and thought it would be difficult because of an operation she had years ago that still causes her pain in her legs, but after the baptism we were talking about how she felt during the moment and she said that as soon as she got in the water she didn't have any pain and she knew it would be alright.  And it was!  It was just wonderful!  I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord!  I'm sure if you asked some, they would say it was the warmth of the water that helped the pain in her legs, but we all know better-that truly the Lord's hand is apart of everything! Then on Sunday, despite that she had come down with a pretty bad cold and had a fever, she came and was so happy after she received the Holy Ghost.  Just glowing!  There is nothing better than seeing the happiness the gospel brings to people's lives-especially the lives of people you love.  

Speaking of the happiness the gospel brings, the happiness that righteous living brings, I found a couple of scriptures in my studies that talk about that, one in Helaman 13, and another in 2 Nephi 2.  Truly righteous living brings happiness.  Then I think of our Father in Heaven and I just have to imagine the joy He experiences, since He is perfectly righteous.  It's pretty neat to think that we all have the potential to experience that same joy-and he promises us time and time again that if we will walk His path and endure to the end we will be able to take part of the "fullness of joy".  Wow! I understand that we still experience disappointment and sorrow, because of our own choices and the choices of others, but what a wonderful gift we are promised!  Also a little quote from our sireli Pres. Uchtdorf "Discipleship is the pursuit of holiness and happiness.  It is the path to our best and happiest self."  
Missionary work is hard.  Perhaps not so much physically, rather spiritually and emotionally.  I know this is the Lord's work and I know He is helping; giving everything He can to help this work to go forward.  I am beyond grateful to be where I am, to be with the people I am with, to be in such a wonderful country, and to be serving the Lord.  Though it may be hard, it is so worth it and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

I love you family!  I am constantly praying for you!  Thank you for all you do! 
Love you!  Keep your smiles on!
Metz Sirov
Quyr Broadbent
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