Monday, July 22, 2013

Barev Marev Family Jan!

Aroghjutyun Dad! I hope everything is OK! I am SO happy that you were able to go to the Carters' and that you were able to talk with them.  Now you've seen a small glimpse of how wonderful they are.  I can only imagine the amount of people there.  The Carters are special people! I love them and miss them! 
As Sister Henriquez and I were going through our actuals and goals last night, I was just filled with an overwhelming gratitude for the Work of the Lord.  He blesses us so much.  I can honestly say that anything that was accomplished this week was because of Him, I feel like we do so little and somehow miracles happen!  He is so good to us.  Now that I am sitting here, I'm not sure what else to say.  This may be a short one.
We had Zone Conference this week and it was wonderful.  I love how the Lord constantly teaches us and molds us.  I hope and pray that I can be all that He wants me to be.  Pres. and Sis. Carlson shared a story about the pioneers at Hole in the Rock and they shared with us how there are round marbles formed in that area through weathering and time.  Like the refiner's fire.  Often times I think we get caught up in the difficulty of the moment or the misery of it, instead of remembering the joy that the Lord wants each of us to have in that moment as well as remembering how the Lord is sanctifying and purifying us through the experiences we are having.  I feel I've learned, both through experience and observation of others, that what we face and how we feel about it is all dependent on US.  On our attitudes.  I love the end of D&C 122, how we are reminded that all things are for our good and that we are not alone.  And we are not exempt when it comes to facing trials and living the commandments.  Christ has descended below it all.  I feel that we often think, "oh, I'm me, no one else is like me, so I'm an exception to this rule"  But it's not like that.  We are ALL God's children.  He loves each and every one of us.  Individually.  His commandments apply to all (no matter where we are or how busy we may be).  As does the need for each of us to walk by faith in this life, even when we do not understand or see.  Sometimes it's not for us to understand, it's for us to press forward, joyfully doing what the Lord asks, with the knowledge that He knows best.  He loves us.  His hand is a part of our daily lives.  This is His work.  I know it.  

I love you!!!! You are the BEST!!!  Have a great and safe week!


Metz sirov, 

Quyr Broadbent

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