Monday, July 1, 2013

Mary's Mission July 1, 2013

Barev marev im sireliner! 
I hope you all had a GREAT week! We sure did. 
Sister Henriquez and I were able to go to Georgia this week and spend a couple of days with our wonderful Georgian Sisters.  They are walking miracles. And the Lord is just blessing them in so many ways.  

We drove through the beautiful, green, mountainous, northern area of Armenia-I'm positive I've said it before, but Armenia and Utah are so similiar.  I was thinking about how blessed I am, because I feel so at home here and because our Utah mountains will always be a beautiful reminder of my Armenian mountians and the many blessings we have here.    

One of our investigators, Hripsime, will be getting baptized on Saturday.  I just love her; I feel we are sisters and I am postive that we were close in the premortal world.  She has such a wonderful understanding of the gospel, she already has so much light and is so humble and I am so grateful our Heavenly Father has blessed us with her! 
We have a couple of other investigators who are progressing towards baptism, who should be ready with in the next couple of weeks.  As I look at the last few months, I am humbled and amazed at the many blessings that the Lord has poured out upon us.  He truly is a God of miracles and He truly does love us. I know it.  It was kind of neat to go to Georgia and continue to see how the Lord blesses all of His children everywhere.  It was especially neat to be in a place where I don't understand or speak the language, but my heart was so full of love for those people, like the Lord wanted to remind me that we are all His children and that His love is unconditional and equal for all of us.  Then this morning as I was studying a little from Preach My Gospel and some of the coordinating scriptures, I felt such immense love again, as I thought about our Father sacrificing His Son in our behalf.  Wow.  It is uncomprehensible to me.  And I am beyond grateful to be apart of this Great Work, to be able to testify about the living reality of Jesus Christ and His living church.  I know the Lord has prepared many of His children here to accept His gospel.  In every way, this is the work of the Lord.
Pres. and Sis. Carter go home this week and we get to meet our new mission President, Pres. and Sis. Carlson.  It'll be different, but I already feel so great about it, I feel so much peace in my heart with the change and I know that the Lord will continue to do His work through them, the way He has through Pres. and Sis. Carter.    
I hope you'll share my love with Sister Horspool and of course give Steve and Julie a huge hug for me! 
I hope your week goes wonderful and that the heat lets up a bit! You are the best! Love you! Have a great week!
Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent

"The Best is yet to be..."

More pictures - Pres Carter with Georgian Missionaries
District June 2013
Silly Sisters

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