Monday, July 8, 2013

Mary's Mission 8 July 2013

Hello Family jan!

  I am beyond excited with the news that Marinda and Kris are expecting! I have secretly been waiting for months, trying to be patient, and I am SO happy! :) There is nothing better than family.
(due in Jan!)
It sounds like your little camping trip was fun! I'm glad the racoon didn't cause you any more trouble! Congrats to Trevor! That is great! Callee emailed and said that Amy, her neice, is also engaged! I'm glad Sister Beal came and said hi, we always talked about all of the random connections that she and I have, that we had no idea about until we served together.  What a good Sister.  Is she adjusting well?
We said goodbye to President and Sister Carter with tears, they are so much a part of my heart and work! I love them.  We also welcomed President and Sister Carlson with open arms, smiles, and a readiness to push forward.  They are from Price and have a great love for the Manti temple.  I don't know how to describe them, they are different, but are great! And I know they will carry the work forward here; that they are called of God to be here at this time.  There is no time to pause, to let the work falter.  Sister Henriquez and I have talked a lot this last week about many of the signs that Christ is coming again.  There is no time to waste-we just need to keep going forward, with urgency, to help prepare His children.  It is such a miracle to see how the Lord's work always carries on-even more of a miracle that He allows each of us to be a part of it, if we only have the desire to serve, He will use us as His hands no matter where we are found and no matter what our current calling may be.  
We had a pretty great week-Our Heavenly Father is always so merciful and kind, He always blesses us with so many tender mercies and miracles.  Hripsime was baptized Saturday and it was so wonderful!  One of the best baptisms I have ever participated in.  Powerful and filled with the spirit.  She is such a special woman, with so much understanding of the gospel, and a wonderful testimony.  She shared her testimony at the baptism and in church-wow.  She is wise beyond her years and I feel like her testimony is so powerful.  I'm not sure why the Lord saw fit for us to teach her, but I am beyond grateful.  She will do so much good in the coming years.  The Elders' investigators were also baptized on Tuesday, Arpi and Seda, I love that family so much!  
Yesterday was also water day in Armenia-I think I told you about it last year, how people go around throwing water on each other.  So fun.  One of our members said it started because when Noah found land, he threw water on all those that were with him, and the tradition continues.  Who knew? :) A fun celebration and remembrance of the rich heritage that this area of the world has.  
I love you all! I hope you have a great week!  

Metz sirov, 
Quyr Broadbent

How are Steve and Julie? Did you give them a hug for me? When is Josh going through the temple?


We did an exchange with all our Armenian Sisters-the result-a beautiful picture full of glowing Sisters.

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