Monday, November 18, 2013

Josh's Nov 17 Letter

Yakwe Family!!
 You know, I've really come to appreciate being a Broadbent. There are a lot of Marshallese people that we work with, most of them can't even say my name right, but I know that I represent two of the greatest families of all time. The Broadbents a wonderful and while everyone might get a few scraped heads, here and there (it's a good thing that everyone has hard heads) it is the way that we react to our trials and tribulations that matter. I hope that I am doing everything that I can to be best Broadbent, and that everyone who I meet knows that my family is the best. Also, I and really everyone who is baptized, represents the Lord Jesus Christ. While I might physically bear his name next to my heart, we all partake of the sacrament each Sunday and covenant with Him to take His name upon us. What does that mean to you? what does it mean to take His name upon you?
So a few updates with investigators. It's hard for me to remember who I tell you about, but we have had to stop seeing a few people this week. Tom said that he could no longer meet with us because his parents don't want him to. He had a talk with his mom, who isn't doing very well and she got pretty upset that he had been meeting with us. It was heart breaking, because I know that he has felt the spirit. He really wanted to continue meeting with us, but felt it was best to stop so as to keep the peace in his family. but I know that we helped him and someday he will have the courage to find out for himself that this is true and what he needs. We also stopped seeing Katina and her family, they just weren't progressing.
It was great though. we had an investigator at church yesterday. Pierre is his name and he is so great! He totally agrees with everything that our church is, he really loved the Plan of Salvation, and we also had a church tour with him. it was awesome, the spirit was so strong, we invited him to be baptized on 28th of Dec, but he said he couldn't because he would be out of town. He does have troubles with understanding authority, but he has so much faith, really feels the spirit strongly, and learns fast. We are going to try and get him more committed to a date.
I love this gospel so much! it is truely amazing how the Lord blesses us. He has blessed us so much here. The members are making plans to work with us more, so that's great. And we are still meeting with Branton, a less active and mike also less active. they both have so much desire, but lack motivation. but Branton has really been thinking about coming back, and he talked about wanting to be with his family forever. Mike is going to make goals, so that he has something to work for.
So transfers are this week. guess what!?! I'm staying in Dubuque with Elder Dragon and he is going to be District Leader. He was so surprised, but I kind had a feeling because our DL is about ready to leave. Elder Tekanene, our DL has one transfer left and is being transfered. I haven't really talked much about him, but he is so great. He is from the Gilbert Islands. I am really going to miss him.
I love you family! thank you so much for your love and support and prayers. it means so much to know that you are all there for me. I love you, have a wonderful week.
tomak eo kojparok
Elder Broadbent

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