Friday, December 20, 2013

Josh's Mission Dec 16, 2013

Yokwe Family!
This week has been really good! We had a  great Zone conference, in Nauvoo! it was so awesome. we drove down way early and stayed pretty much all day. it was great to be there. president said that it is so special to be on sacred ground, not only is Nauvoo sacred ground, but iowa as well, this is were it all started for the pioneers.
on thurday we had exchanges with the Elders in our district and that was really great! I was with Elder Ioteba. we spent a lot of the day at a members house doing service for him, we set up this awesome christmas village, it was huge, I didn't take any pictures of it, maybe I'll do that, but it was so awesome. Then we went and tryed a bunch of people. I do have to tell you that the Lord knows better than we do everything that needs to happen. so we tried this less active family but they weren't home, so we tried a few other people. on our way home we tried the family again, because we were passing them and I figured why not try them, but they still didn't answer... so I was a little bummed, but as we were walking out the door the lady that we were trying to see was walking in, it was pretty awesome. I know that the Lord provided the way for us to see her and her family, it's the first time that we've seen them, they moved in about a month ago. It's small miracles like that that are so important to hang on to and to thank our Heavenly father for. how many tender mercies do we have that we don't notice or if we do we don't thank our heavenly father for. 

One of the best ways to show our appreciation to our heavenly father is to share what we have and what he has given us. it is so important to share our testimony and to share with others that blessings that we have. At this christmas season everyone notices the blessings from our heavenly father and I know that it's important to share them. Will you think what tender mercies the Lord has given you, thank him for them, and then express that gratitude by sharing those experiences with others?
I also have to share with you a scripture that I recently rediscovered, in alma 26:15 I think, I really hope that's right, i don't have my scriptures with me, alma is talking about how it is Christ that brings souls to eternal happiness and we are just instruments in His hands. I definitely know that is true. This his work, this is His glory, we need to be ready tools, so that he can use us where he needs us.
We've struggling to find more people to teach but I know that the Lord will bless us as we exercise our faith and work diligently. We have been able to meet with more less actives and members this week, even though we had a couple days that were not really proselyting.
that is surprising to hear about brother christensen and harrison. it always seemed like they would live forever. but I know that they are helping on the other side.  wow, dad I'm surprised that you haven't put everything up yet, :) just kidding. that's awesome that you are "upgrading" the lights.
I love you all so much! thank you for everything, thank you so much for you love, prayers, and support.
Ej Yokwe Yok ( I Love you) - I'm learning more how to actually right marshallese, I'm getting better...
Elder Broadbent
PS thank you everyone. It's nice to hear that my letters are good. :)

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