Monday, December 23, 2013

Josh's mission Dec 23

Yokwe Family!
It's way crazy that Christmas is already here!
Yeah, there are a ton of Marshallese people here, I can't believe that I haven't told you that yet :) they are so great!! I really wish that I could actually learn it though. I'm just trying to pick things up.
Tell Janis thank you for the poem, that is really great! I definitely know that is true! the Atonement is really amazing, it's what makes everything possible. with our it, there would be no way possible back to our heavenly father and since that is our ultimate goal, there would be no really purpose to life. I've just started reading "Jesus the Christ" and it's been really great! I'm only like 20 pages in, but it's already opened my eyes to so much. I also listened to a talk given by an Elder Scousen I think is how you spell it, back in the '80s about the reason for the atonement and it's meaning. it is such a great talk. He mentions in it that Christ is the only one that could go through the atonement, not even our Heavenly Father could do it for us. Our Brother, Jesus Christ, gave everything to us. think about that... that is amazing! And we have the great privledge, honor, and responsiblity to know that this is His true gospel on the Earth today! how could we not share this wonderful message with everyone around us? It's hard to open your mouth though sometimes, it is definitely scary and not easy, but the Lord always blesses those who open their mouths to share His gospel. At this Christmas season, it's so important to focus on Christ, but what are some ways that you can focus and recenter you life on Christ even after the holidays?? Christ should be the Center of everything, He needs to be the center of our lives. One thing that I've been doing to center my life more on Christ is to share the talents and gifts that I've been given. 

So this week we were able to meet with quite a few more less actives and members than we have. I love Christmas by the way! it's such a great time of year. :) We were also able to meet with Carol a couple times. I don't remember if I told you about he, but she has a lot of problems, but knows a lot about the church. She smokes and won't come to church or pray with us, but She is really great! We've been trying so hard to get her to pray with us, we've really tried everything, any suggestions?? and she was going to come to church yesterday, but church got canceled because of the bad weather. it really wasn't that bad, kind of like a good Utah storm, but everybody was freaking out about how terrible it was. we did have a freezing rain storm though, that was way crazy. do you remember the one that we had last year? it was kind of like that. Ice every where, the roads were pretty bad and you could hardly even walk any where. the cars even got grounded by our mission pres. it was actually really cool, we were  like skating everywhere.
I love you family, I hope that all is well. Know that I really do love you and I am so grateful for you love and prayers.
Everything happens for a reason
Ej Yokwe Yok
Elder Broadbent

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