Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Josh's Mission Feb 24, 2014

iokwe baamle!! ij lukkuun iokwe kom!!!
it sounds like it was a really great ward conference! We had ours this week as well actually and it was so great!!!! we also talked about missionary work, specifically the work of salvation what that is, how the lord is hastening his work and what we can do to help with this work. it was so great!! i got some really great insights and I hope that our ward will start to help, they are doing great already though. One thing that really stuck out to me is that we as missionaries (members and missionaries together) need to work together. Missionaries are called to teach and members are called to find.
that is so great that you had all those names for the temple!!! that was something else that we talked about. I love the temple so much and that is so good to hear that everyone was able to do so much work there, especially that Bruce got to go, I love him so much!! He is a really great example of strength and diligence to me. He is really such a great example. Him and all of our neighbors, all of our ward really, is family to me. I just have to say that I am so grateful that I have such a great family (ward family as well) the lord has truly blessed me with a strong support. I love you all so much!! I am so glad for the knowledge of the plan of salvation!!
So this week was so awesome!!! the Lord truly blessed us with many miracles!! we were able to meet with jennie and daniel ( invesigators) and set a new baptism date and talk about marriage with them. we met with franly (a less active), he is trying to quit smoking and we talked about setting a date for him to get married as well, he's marshallese and lives with his fiance. We meet some really great potential investigators. and Elder Kay is so awesome!!! he has a great testimony and is really friendly and loves to laugh :)
the week went by way fast, I really can't even believe that we are starting a new week already!! we have zone conference this week down in nauvoo again!! and I can't wait!!! it's going to be really great!!

thank you so much family for you love, prayers, and support!! I know that Heavenly father loves us all and that he takes care of us as long as we are faithful to his gospel. I am so grateful that he has provided the way for us to obtain the greatest gift of all. I've really come to realize this week how important it is to be humble, to accept the will of the lord and to give him the credit. Everything that we have, we owe to him. and even if we serve with all that we have for our whole lives, we still couldn't repay him, but he doesn't ask us to repay him. all that he asks, is to love him and to keep his commandments. that is a continual process that we have to try our hardest to do!! I know that that is true!! and that he really does love us and understands what we go through!!
Ij iokwe kom!!!
Elder Broadbent

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