Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Josh's Mission Feb 4, 2014

Iokwe baamle (Hello family)
 sorry I didn't email yesterday, we had zone p day and wasn't able to.

It's is so great to hear how much success the ward is having! that is truly a blessing. In know that Heavenly father is moving His work forward more than ever. It is such a great time to be His servant. On sunday in priesthood we talked about missionary work and how important it is to start now and not procrastinate. I really wish that I had been better at that and I'm still working on it.But I know that it is so important that we do everything in our power right now, to do what heavenly father wants so that we don't miss opportunities, but if we do, then we repent and do better as soon as possible. We were invited to talk a little as well, so we talked a little about how we are all in this work together. Heavenly father expects us to be good examples and to always remember him and to always keep his commandments. those are the covenants that we made when we were baptized and that we renew each week. We talked about how, in the elders quorum, we are all elders and we all the responsibility to help people come closer to Christ. and extension to that is that we are all called as members/missionaries. I love the first presidency message in Preach my Gospel. it tells us what we should be doing, and what heavenly father expects of us. will you read it? and tell me what you think heavenly father wants you to be doing more?
so, as you know, elder tappen is leaving. He is actually leaving on saturday, so I will be with out a companion for about 5 days. i don't know yet what I will be doing but i know the lord will provide.
We've had a pretty good week. I just have to say that it is so great to be in a ward that is so good to us. and I'm grateful that no matter where we go, the gospel is always the same. We had some really great lessons with members this week that just made me realize how great it is to be a part of this gospel. supporting each other is so important and what the Lord wants us to do. To love our neighbor as out self.
We were able to meet with pierre and had a good lesson with him about priesthood authority. He is a baptist minister and tells us all the time that he thinks that he was baptized with the correct authority, so he asked us why we thought we had the only correct priesthood. it was good and we invited him to find out for his self. the only way that we can know if this church is true is by reading the book of mormon, pondering it and praying to know if it's true. because if the book of mormon is true then Joseph smith is a prophet. and he really did see Heavenly father and Jesus Christ. and they called him as a prophet. I know that that is true.
We also meet with Jenny, we are working with her to get married to daniel, who we are trying to help stop smoking. Jenny is really great and I really think that Heavenly father has prepared her. she has a lot of faith and is very willing to do what the lord asks. she is reading from the book of mormon and was supposed to come to church but she didn't unfortunately, but I know that we can help her get there and that heavenly father will provide a way for her to be baptized.
I have also been thinking about why we ask people to be baptized. why are we baptized?? I know that when we are baptized with the correct authority that it is the beginning of our journey back to our heavenly father.
I am so grateful for a wonderful family! thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support.
Ej iokwe eok (I love you)
Elder Broadbent

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