Monday, September 29, 2014

Josh's Mission Sept 29 2014

Iokwe Baamle!!

Yeah we heard about the flooding from couple of people, I'm glad that everything is alright though. that's so great that the little kids are being such great missionaries! (I told him about our Primary Program on Sunday) it's so true that they do so much good. they are wonderful examples. there was a story told yesterday in Sacrament that I really liked; it talked about a little girl that was preparing for baptism. she learned about repentance and how important it is to be honest and treat others how you would want to be treated. the story went that her sister had a candy bar that she really liked and wanted to eat it but her sister told her that couldn't have any right now. When the girl's sister left for work, the young girl took some of the candy bar, telling herself that it would be just one piece. that same night she went and talked with her bishop about being baptized. She knew all the answers and said everything right. Her bishop also emphasized how important it is to be honest with others and yourself. as the week went along the young girl continued to take some of her sister's candy, until one night her sister caught her taking it. Her sister yelled at her and called her a lair and a thief, and the girl responded unkindly. deep down the girl knew that she really did something wrong and she felt that she needed to repent before she could be baptized. So she talked to her bishop and she decided that she would wait for a month before she was baptized. For the next month the girl worked really hard at a neighbors house to earn some money. finally she earned enough that she could buy the candy bar that her sister had had. when it came time for the girl to be baptized, she talked with her bishop again about how she had been trying to repent and correct the mistake that she had made. Her bishop told her that he felt like she had fully repented and that she now needed to talk to her sister. So that night she did. She gave her sister the candy bar and said that she was sorry. The next day she was baptized. as she went down in the water with her father, she felt a strong feeling of love and peace that she was doing what was right and that had truly repented. After she came up from the water, she hugged her dad and look at her sister through the glass and felt really warm inside. 

It really impressed me yesterday how important it is to be childlike and to do everything that heavenly father would want us to do, with all of our heart. 

It's been a  really good week. it's so strange how fast time flies I just can't believe that It's October already! This week we did a lot of service, it was wonderful! I think that I really like doing service so much because of all the hard work that we did as a family. We helped a few people move, a lady (who we are teaching) asked to paint her garage which we are finishing up tomorrow. And i just remembered this, but we also went and gave a couple people blessings, which was a great service for them. it was for a returning member family; one of the daughters was pregnant and wanted a blessing, unfortunately, she had a miscarriage a couple days later. But her brother, who is a member, talked to her and helped her to understand the blessing was from Heavenly father and everything is in the Lord's time.   From that I learned, again, how important it is to just give our life to the Lord and trust him to make us who He needs us to be.
We had a really good time studying from the Book of Mormon this week. it was really amazing to see myself change. all through the week, it just seemed like the spirit was different, but I guess it was me that was different. i noticed a lot this week as I read, that the words in the Book of Mormon didn't so much tell me what i needed to learn, it was definitely from the Spirit. the book of Mormon is so wonderful and  I know that when we read with the intent to ask, seek, and knock, that Heavenly Father will help is to find the answers that we desire, he will fill us with the spirit and lead us in the path that we need to go. 

This past week we did a lot of work with our Less active members and we tried to talk to our members a lot about what our branch needs to do to improve and move forward in Heavenly fathers work. 

We are also trying to find those people that Heavenly father has prepared by working with the members here a lot more. Something that one of our leaders said really stuck with me. How can we work with people that we don't know. we have to get to know the people that we are serving with, we have to help other understand that we love them, we show that we love them by listening to them and then helping them to come closer to Christ.

We are way excited for conference this week! I just can't believe that it's here already, it feels like just 6 months ago we were getting ready to watch it..... I guess it was 6 months ago. :) so i've been trying to figure out some questions that I want to go to conference with. What are somethings that you are going to ask heavenly father to answer?  oh and we are trying to have all the members her invite someone that they know who is either a non member of who is less active to come watch conference with them. 

Oh and have you seen the new Mormon message that is out?? it is really good. It talks a lot about feeling successful and realizing what you are accomplishing. 

I love you all!! thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support! 

Kajoor ilo Christ
ij iokwe eok!!
Elder Broadbent

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